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Add 405 Method Not Allowed HTTP status to your routes, instead of the default 404.


npm install fastify-405


Plugin version Fastify version
^1.0.0 ^2.0.0
^2.0.0 ^3.2.0
^3.0.0 ^4.0.0


Register the plugin with some custom option. It will add an onRoute hook and will add an handler that replay with HTTP status 405 and the allow response header.

The allow header will contains what you define in the options.

This plugin has been tested also with the encapsulation!

import Fastify from 'fastify'

const fastify = Fastify()
await fastify.register(import('fastify-405'), {
  regexp: /\/foo.*/,
  allow: ['GET', 'HEAD']

// This route will reply 405 on POST, HEAD, OPTIONS, PUT..
fastify.get('/foo', (req, reply) => {
  reply.send({ hello: 'world' })

// This route will not match the fastify-405 regexp and will reply with 404 on other HTTP methods
fastify.get('/bar', (req, reply) => {
  reply.send({ hello: 'world' })

await fastify.listen({ port: 3000 })
console.log('Server listening at http://localhost:3000')

Note You need to await the plugin registration to make sure the plugin is ready to use. All the routes defined before the plugin registration will be ignored. This change has been introduced in Fastify v4.


You can pass the following options during the registration:

Option Default Description
regexp /.*/ The regular expression the route must fulfil in order to add the 405 handler
allow ['GET', 'POST'] The method that the route will allow, the HTTP methods that are not in this array will reply 405
await fastify.register(require('fastify-405'), {
  regexp: /\/foo.*/, // must be a regular expression
  allow: ['GET', 'POST'] // could be only a subset of: ['GET', 'POST', 'HEAD', 'PUT', 'DELETE', 'OPTIONS', 'PATCH']


Copyright Manuel Spigolon, Licensed under MIT.