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Epi Info™ Web Survey

A free and open source tool developed by CDC for the public health community for one-click publishing of Epi Info™ surveys on the web to collect data from a broad audience. Epidemiologists can distribute links to the surveys via emails, blogs, social media and QR codes, and survey participants can anonymously provide secure responses. The anonymous collected data is stored in a centralized database for instantaneous access and analysis.

For additional info, please watch this (post video link here)

Epi Info™ for Web & Cloud Website


Relatively decent Windows machine running 10 or 11.
Git for Windows (free). Download
Visual Studio Community Edition (free). Download
Access to a MS SQL Server database with write permissions.

Building the Project - Summary

After installing Visual Studio 2022 Community Edition, follow along after cloning and opening the solution to install Windows Connection Framework (WCF), the .NET Desktop Development workload, and the 4.6.1 Developer Pack.

Building the Project

(coming soon)

Note: The web config is missing from the Epi.Web project. This is most likely because of keys we don’t want out there. I’ll look into that.

=== readme editing work in progress below ===

Epi Info 7 Introduction to Web Survey