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Epidocs / Past Exams

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Past subjects and other files, for the benefit of EPITA students.

Visit the website:


To contribute, you can fork this project, add files and then open a pull request.

Compress your files!

When adding files, using the `' script to compress them.

The script is made to be run on Linux, and it requires Python 3.5+.

Usage: [path]

The optional path parameter can be:

  • The path to the pdf file to compress.
  • The path to a folder to search pdf files in. If omitted, the script will search for pdfs in the current folder and its sub-folders.

Continuous Integration builds

Powered by Travis CI.

At every push to master, the PHP script deploy.php is executed to generate the website infos and deploy the result to gh-pages.

  • "/_assets/" content is moved to the root directory at the end of the script