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EqualTo SureSheet

EqualTo SureSheet lets you create and share spreadsheets using cool URIs. We created this product to show what you can build with EqualTo Sheets, our "Spreadsheets as a service for developers" platform.

Here are some sample SureSheets: Tesla running cost calculator, Investment growth calculator.

Some notes on how EqualTo SureSheet works:

  • When you share a SureSheet, the URL is guaranteed to always open that same spreadsheet. If users modify the data in the spreadsheet, those changes will not persist after reloading the spreadsheet.
  • Users can create new share links at any time. Those links will always open the exact version of the spreadsheet visible when the share link was first created.


  1. Get an EqualTo Sheets license key.
  2. Set EQUALTO_SHEETS_LICENSE_KEY in .env to your EqualTo Sheets license key from step 1.
  3. Run docker compose up -d to start the MongoDB replica set (port 27018).
  4. npm install
  5. npx prisma generate
  6. npx prisma db push
  7. npm run dev.
  8. Open http://localhost:3000/ in your browser.

About EqualTo

EqualTo is based in Berlin, and we provide EqualTo Sheets, a "Spreadsheets as a service for developers" platoform. We're the quickest way to enhance your software with spreadsheet capabilities.


EqualTo SureSheet is MIT licensed. Note that to deploy EqualTo SureSheet, you'll need a (freely available) EqualTo Sheets license key.