A dumping ground for cross-platform browser memory testing
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A dumping ground for cross-platform browser memory testing.

Example Usage

An example script can be found under example/comp_analysis.py. It uses the TP5 pageset, but the example can be modified to use any set of URLs.


  • nginx (or some other webserver)
  • The latest chromedriver
  • Install atsy: python setup.py install should do the trick.
  • Install/update the browsers you want to test. Note installation locations.
  • Update the setup portion of the example to specify your binary locations and update the path filters if necessary.

On Ubuntu the following would probably do the job:

# Install a local webserver
sudo apt-get install nginx

mkdir atsy-test
cd atsy-test

# Setup a virtualenv to work in
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate

# Setup atsy
git clone https://github.com/EricRahm/atsy.git
cd atsy
python setup.py install
cd ..

# Get the latest chromedriver
wget http://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/2.21/chromedriver_linux64.zip
unzip chromedriver_linux64.zip
rm chromedriver_linux64.zip

# Download the tp5 pageset and setup a webroot
mkdir nginx_root
cd nginx_root

wget http://people.mozilla.org/~jmaher/taloszips/zips/tp5n.zip
unzip tp5n.zip
mkdir html/
mv tp5n html/tp5
rm tp5n.zip

mkdir logs

mkdir conf
cp ../atsy/example/comp_analysis_nginx.conf conf/nginx.conf
cd ..


  1. Launch nginx, I use the config from awsy, so something like:
nginx -p nginx_root/ -c conf/nginx.conf
  1. Launch the example, this assumes chromedriver is in the cwd:
PATH=$PATH:. python atsy/example/comp_analysis.py

Note: On OSX 10.10.5 you'll need to run the example under sudo. On OSX 10.10.11 you're going to need to disable SIP most likely.