Elastic Driver for Laravel Scout
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kronthto and ErickTamayo Compatibility with Scout 5 (#106)
* Compatibility with Scout 5

No "cross-installation" possible due to changed method signature

Pass around new $builder var

Also: Use getScoutModelsByIds/getScoutKey

Inspired by laravel/scout@4.0...5.0diff-f2faa85f27580a9b67d73a8a273bfef1 / laravel/scout@9f06b9c

* Remove PHP5 as laravel/scout^5 / laravel5.6 also removed it
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Laravel Scout Elasticsearch Driver

Software License

This package makes is the Elasticsearch driver for Laravel Scout.



You can install the package via composer:

composer require tamayo/laravel-scout-elastic

You must add the Scout service provider and the package service provider in your app.php config:

// config/app.php
'providers' => [

Setting up Elasticsearch configuration

You must have a Elasticsearch server up and running with the index you want to use created

If you need help with this please refer to the Elasticsearch documentation

After you've published the Laravel Scout package configuration:

// config/scout.php
// Set your driver to elasticsearch
    'driver' => env('SCOUT_DRIVER', 'elasticsearch'),

    'elasticsearch' => [
        'index' => env('ELASTICSEARCH_INDEX', 'laravel'),
        'hosts' => [
            env('ELASTICSEARCH_HOST', 'http://localhost'),


Now you can use Laravel Scout as described in the official documentation



The MIT License (MIT).