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Contextual Communication Cloud Web Examples

The easist way to get started developing on top of Ericsson Contextual Communication Cloud is to look at a few example applications. But if you have not yet read the introduction we strongly encourage you to do so first.

All examples are available live at

WebRTC calling

  • Local Call - (code | live) - Sets up a 2-way audio/video call inside the same web page.

  • Multi Client Call - (code | live) - Sets up a 2-way audio/video by asking two users to enter the same unique URL.

WebRTC recording

  • Record Local - (code | live) - Previews video from a camera and allows recording of it to WebM format. When stopped the recording is previewed and can be downloaded.

WebRTC media device access

  • Audio Detector - (code | live) - Handles errors that can occur when accessing user media devices, and verifies that audio is received from the microphone.
  • Audio Meter - (code | live) - Accesses the microphone and show the current volume as both raw and filtered values.

WebRTC screen/application sharing

  • Share Screen or Application - (code | live) - Allow users to share their screen or any running application, given that the Chrome and Firefox extentions are provided.

Sharing data

  • Shared Cursor - (code | live) - Share the mouse cursor position between two clients with really low latency.

  • File Sharing - (code | live) - Share arbitrary files between two clients.

  • Share Input - (code | live) - Shows how to sync user input in different <form> types and <textarea>.

  • Support Chat - (code | live) - Shows how to display a real-time preview of what other users are typing in a chat.

User management

  • Register Users - (code | live) - A simple form for registering new users.

  • Pin Session Setup - (code | live) - A simple session setup example using pin codes.

  • Session Handling - (code | live) - Shows how to create, save, load, and clear sessions.


WARNING! These examples show unstable or upcoming features that might change or are not production ready.

  • Conference Call - (code | live) - Sets up a 3-way video call inside the same web page where you can select active speaker manually.

  • Multi Client Conference Call - (code | live) - Sets up a multi-party conference between anyone who enters the page. The active speaker is switched using voice activation.

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