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Episerver image point property editor

This editor makes it possible to select a point on an image by clicking on the image.
Main purpose is to be able to set a focal point for an image, and use that focal point when the image is resized.
The ImagePointEditor can be used together with the Picture helper in ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver to automatically use a focal point when image is resized.

How to use

Add a string property to your ImageData model. Decorate the property with the ImagePoint UI hint.

[Display(Name = "Focal point")]
public virtual string ImageFocalPoint { get; set; }

Now it's possible to place a point when editing an image in "All properties view":

The x and y values of the point is saved as a string, in the format <x value>|<y value>. The x and y values range from 0-1.
0|0 = left top corner
1|1 = right bottom corner
0.5|0.5 = center of image
0.5|0 = center top

How to install

Easiest is to add nuget from the EPiServer Nuget Feed:

Install-Package ImagePointEditor

But if you don't want your solution to be dependent on some random guy's nuget package 🙂, it's' fairly easy to add all the parts manually.

Changes made to your solution

When the nuget is added the following changes are made to you solution

  • Add reference to ImagePointEditor.dll, which only contains the EditorDescriptor/UIHint.
  • Add the Dojo module in the modules\_protected folder
  • Add module in Web.config:
        <add name="ImagePointEditor" />