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Pcynlitx is an innovative integrated development environment which is specialized for multithread application development. Pcynlitx platform works based on a new meta programming technology and the main objective of the pcynlitx project is to make multithreading much more easiy for the average programmers who is not proficient in multithreading.
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Pcynlitx is an innovative integrated development environment which is specialized for multithread application development. Basicly, Pcynlitx is an open source meta-program which produces a class library for C++ multi-thread programming and the outcome of the Pcynlitx acts as an autonomous management system for the thread synchronization tasks. In fact, pcynlitx is a typical implementation of a new meta programming technology and offers complately new programming paradigm. From the documentation section of the project web site, you can learn why a new programming approach is necessary and the scientific introduction of this new programming paradigm. With the help of this new metaprogramming technology, you can control the threads with their particular numbers which is given by you. For more information, please visit the web site of the project web site.

Project web site:

Pcynlitx has been developed by Erkam Murat Bozkurt as a result of the scientific research study which has been carried out about meta-programming. Erkam Murat Bozkurt is a research engineer in Istanbul/Turkey. You can reach to the developer of the platform by means of the e-mail addresses given in below.

The copyright of the Pcynlitx sofware has been registered to US copyright office and the sofware is ready to use. Pcynlitx has been licenced with GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or any later version.

Pcynlitx currently supports only GNU/LINUX operating system and it can be installed on Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora based distros. Pcynlitx will be available for the other operating systems as soon as possible. In order to install PCYNLITX, please follow the instruction given in below.


You can easily download the package which is proper for your linux distribution from either project web site or source code repository.

Download the related packages from the project web site installation page. The link of the installation page is given on the top right corner of the project home page.


The package for ubuntu based linux distros: pcynlitx_ubuntu.deb

The package for debian based linux distros: pcynlitx_debian.deb

The package for fedora based linux distors: pcynlitx_fedora.rpm

Installation commands:

For installation, open the terminal and go to directory in which installation package has been downloaded. Then, enter the following commands to the terminal

For ubuntu : sudo apt-get install ./pcynlitx_ubuntu.deb

For debian : sudo apt-get install ./pcynlitx_debian.deb

For fedora : sudo dnf install pcynlitx_fedora.rpm

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