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My Personal Workspace Setup

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"Tested" on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. By extension, it should work on linux and mac, methinks.


Simply run ./ on your trusty shell, and it would theoretically install some packages.

Note: it is a good idea to read through the source of any script you find on the internet before running them.

Note: don't run the script with sudo outside. I.e. you should run ./ instead of sudo ./ Otherwise, some files will be created with root permissions and you'll stumble into some silly "Permission denied" errors later on.

If a package had already been installed, re-running should be fine.

Purpose of This Repo

  1. So I can backup my setup script
  2. So you creeps out there can have a look at it, get inspiration from it, hopefully learn, grow, fork, hack, regret, make fun of it...


To Todd Wolfson for sexy-bash-prompt. To Sebastian Tramp for dircolors-solarized. And to many others for contributing to the helpful resources on the Big Wide Web.

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