Clawbot simulator to help driver practise without the real robot
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Clawbot Simulator


  1. Install Nodejs
  2. Install PROS
  3. Download this sim-clawbot repo.
  4. Download the floods-of-joy repo
  5. In your favourite command line, cd into the floods-of-joy repo directory.
  6. Connect the Vex Cortex to the computer.
  7. Type pros mu to compile and upload the robot's program onto the cortex.


  1. In your favourite command line, cd into the sim-clawbot repo directory.
  2. Connect the Vex Cortex to the Joystick, and connect the Joystick to the computer.
  3. To test and make sure the robot's program works, type pros terminal and fiddle around with the joystick. The terminal's readings should respond to your actions. Now close this pros terminal by pressing Control-C.
  4. Next, we're going to pipe this output (you just saw) into a new server. But, first, see which one works: node server.js or nodejs server.js. Then, close the server by pressing Control-C. Now type pros terminal | node server.js or pros terminal | nodejs server.js (whichever one works).
  5. Open up your web browser and load http://localhost:80
  6. If everything works well, enjoy!


Once you have downloaded a PROS program to a cortex, you may realise that RobotC will spill out errors when you try to download a RobotC code back into the cortex. That's expected, and that's okay. You'll just need to do an extra step:

To return back to using RobotC, you'll need to re-upload the cortex's firmware by "updating" it. As of writing, this can be found in Menu > Robot > Download Firmware > Automatically Update Vex Cortex. Make sure you plug in your cortex to the computer directly, using an orange USB A to A.