GPGVote is a web-based e-voting system, based on PGP encryption.
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GPGVote is a web-based e-voting system, based on PGP encryption.

Detailed Description:
GPGVote is a web-based electronic voting system developed in Django.
It is meant to be used by communities or organizations as a method for
decision making, opinion gathering and assigning roles. The security
requirements of GPGVote are met with the use of strong encryption models
provided by the GnuPG encryption software and users of the system are
registered and authenticated by their PGP keys. Several operations are
provided to the users of GPGVote to create polls, participate in polls
they have the right to vote for and verify the outcome of each poll they
participate, as well as the inclusion of their own vote in the final results.

The project was started by Petros Moisiadis as his thesis for a bachelor
degree in Information Technology from Digital Systems department of University
of Pireaus. This thesis (currently available only in greek language) contains
more information about the project and may be downloaded from here:

Django (of course): Tested with 1.2.1 and 1.2.3
python-gnupg: Patched with my patches found on issues 13 and 15 
django-gpgauth: Included

GPL-3.0. Read LICENSE for more info

Project site: