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The Publish Client is used to publish metadata documents to a geoportal directly. The Publish Client will examine the folder in ArcGIS Desktop's ArcCatalog that a user specifies, find the metadata documents in that folder, and publish those documents to the geoportal that is indicated in the interface. The latest version of the Publish Client also will transform metadata that has been upgraded to the ArcGIS format in ArcGIS Desktop 10 to the default standard specified in the Customize>ArcCatalog Options>Metadata tab. Here, you should set the standard to which you want your metadata to be transformed before using the Publish Client. If the metadata has not been upgraded - e.g., it is in a non-ArcGIS format - it will be published as-is to the geoportal. If the target geoportal does not support that standard, the Publish Client will provide a message telling you so.

Note: The Publish Client is backward and forward compatible with version 9.3.1, version 10, and the Geoportal Server geoportals. This means that you can use a 9.3.1 Publish Client installed on ArcGIS Desktop 9.3.1 to publish to version 9.3.1, version 10, or Geoportal Server geoportals. It also means that you can use a Geoportal 10 or Geoportal Server Publish Client in an ArcGIS Desktop 10 environment to publish to a version 9.3.1 geoportal. It is important to make sure that your ArcGIS Desktop version and Publish Client version match, as a 9.3.1 Publish Client will not work on a version 10 ArcGIS Desktop environment, nor will a version 10 or Geoportal Server Publish Client work on a 9.3.1 ArcGIS Desktop environment. IMPORTANT: For a 9.3.1 Publish Client to access a version 10 or Geoportal Server geoportal, that geoportal endpoint must have the Servlet web application (see the \\<geoportal></geoportal>\Web Applications\Servlet folder in the downloadable Geoportal archive) deployed as well, with the servlet web application's web.xml file configured to reference the geoportal web application, please see Deploy-and-Configure-the-Servlet-Web-Application if you need to deploy the servlet application.

Install the Publish Client

Install the Publish Client by running its setup file, or silently from the command line.

Installation by running the setup file

  • Download the Publish Client that corresponds to your ArcGIS version and unzip the file.
  • Run the setup.exe for the Publish Client. The installer dialog will open.
  • Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  • Accept the License Agreement. Click Next.
  • Enter in your information into the Username and Organization text boxes. Click Next.
  • Choose the Destination Folder into which the Publish Client should install or accept the default. Also choose the Destination Folder to which Publish Client logfiles should be written. Click Next.
  • Click Install to begin the installation.
  • Once the installation wizard completes, click Finish.
Note: Make sure there is a user group "Users" if you are installing the Publish Client on a non-English Windows.

Installation from the command line (silent installation)

  • Download the Publish Client that corresponds to your ArcGIS version and unzip the file.
  • Copy the following string into a text editor, such as Notepad:
msiexec /i "[install_path_for_Publish_Client_msi]\Geoportal Extension Publish Client.msi" /qn ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLDIR_FS="C:/Program Files/ESRI/Geoportal/Geoportal_Publish_Client/" LOGDIR="C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ESRI\GeoportalPublishClient"
  • Replace the [install_path_for_Publish_Client_msi] with the location of the Publish Client msi file (eg, C:\Downloads\)
  • After editing the string, open a command prompt.
  • Copy and paste the edited string into the command line, and run the command.
Note: If the Publish Client was not installed through the copy and paste, enter the string in manually, as sometimes hidden characters can be copied over which affects the command.

Add the Publish Client to the ArcGIS Desktop Interface

  • Start ArcGIS Desktop. The Publish Client is used with the ArcCatalog component of ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Click Customize > Customize Mode. The Customize window appears.
  • In the Customize dialog, select the Commands tab.
  • Scroll down through the list of Commands and select Geoportal. Select the Publish Client icon under the Commands list on the right, and drag the icon to a toolbar in ArcGIS Desktop.

Use the Publish Client

After you have installed the Publish Client and added it to your ArcGIS Desktop toolbar, it is ready to be used. The following steps explain how to use the Publish Client. Note: ArcGIS Desktop automatically removes tags from metadata when a geoprocessing task is run upon the document. If your metadata document contains tag information, the tag will be removed after running the Publish Client, even if you comment out the tag.

  • In the ArcCatalog Catalog Tree, highlight the folder, branch, or resource from which you wish to publish metadata.
  • Click the Publish Client button on your toolbar.
  • An interface with input fields will appear. Enter information in the input fields as follows:
    • Server Url: the URL to the geoportal endpoint to which you want to publish. The URL should consist of your geoportal server name, port number (if applicable), and the geoportal web application name. For example, http://myserver:8080/geoportal.
    • Metadata Service: the geoportal publish service used if the geoportal is a 9.3.x version with the MetadataServer component deployed. Leave as the default, GPT_Publish_Metadata.
    • UserName: the login of the user who has publishing permissions to the geoportal.
    • Password: the publisher's password.
    • Display Execution Summary: checking this option expands the Publish Client interface and will display results of the publish session in a Process Execution Summary window. It is recommended that you enable Display Execution Summary.
  • Once you have entered all the information, click the Publish button. The Publish Client traverses the resource you selected in the Catalog Tree, and attempts to publish any documents with file extension ".xml" to the geoportal. The metadata will be validated against the rules defined by the metadata standards supported in the geoportal.
  • When the Publish Client has finished, a message will be written to the Process Execution Summary window displaying the results of the publish session. Also, if you have enabled Publish Client logging, a popup box will appear confirming that logfiles were written. For more about turning on logging and interpreting the logfile, see The publishMetadata.log file for the Publish Client.
  • Verify that your records were published. Login to the geoportal as a publisher and click the Administration tab to see the newly published resources.
Note: Resources published to a version 10 or Geoportal Server geoportal will have a Publication Method of Upload when viewed in the geoportal's Administration/Manage interface; when publishing to a version 9.3.x geoportal, the Publication Method will be Batch.

Tip: Remember that records will not show up in the geoportal search results until the geoportal administrator approves them.