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(This is the README the late Dr Hosgood included with the archive files)

The OMU Kernel was written to provide a cut-down Unix-like O/S for a
home-made 6809-based home computer built by me, Steven Hosgood, in the
early 1980s. This package contains the port of that code to the 68000
done by Terry Barnaby and me.

It adds a certain amount of multi-tasking, hard disk support and bothers
to support the UID/GID fields of the filestore.

It should still be able to work, but getting it to do so is up to you!
There is no top-level makefile, and the lower-level makefiles probably
won't work without tweaking. I've often thought of porting it to my old
IBM PC/XT that's gathering dust under my desk. The FreeDOS project have
a useful-looking generic boot system for PCs, plus a C-compiler. That's
where I would start...... Bear in mind that the original compiler I used
treated 'int' as 16-bit signed and 'char' as 8-bit signed. It also packed
structs such that multi-byte quantities always started on even addresses.

I offer up these sources for the amusement of experimenters and wish you
all best wishes in getting it working. I can offer no technical support
and no guarantees of suitability for any particular job. However, I would be
glad to receive feedback from anyone who does get it going, and would be
happy to add mention of successful experiments onto my WWW page.

If you ship me runnable binaries or offer me sources for new drivers or
other such things I will be happy to make them downloadable from my
WWW page(s) too.

Happy Experimenting!
Steve Hosgood


"One Man Unix", archive of the Unix clone written (before Linus !) by the late Dr Steve Hosgood, and extended by Terry Barnaby




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