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AllSporter TGE

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AllSporter ICO details

The AllSporter ICO sports 8 different price tiers. All investments have to pass KYC before bought tokens are minted. Additionally, there is an optional private ICO (or multiple private ICOs).


The codebase have been audited, confirming security of the Smart Contracts. The reports can be found in the audit folder.

Price tiers

Tier Duration Token quantity for 1 ETH
Presale * *
Pre ICO 1 10 days 1443
Pre ICO 2 10 days 1415
ICO 1 10 days 1332
ICO 2 10 days 1304
ICO 3 10 days 1248
ICO 4 10 days 1221
ICO 5 10 days 1165
ICO 6 10 days 1110

Token split

Group Split
Community and Bounty 5%
Advisors, Developers, Ambassadors and Partners 8%
Customer Rewards 15%
Team 17%

Unlocking duration

Group Period
Team Locked for 24 months
Customer Rewards Unlocking over 15 months (first 3 months frozen)

Private ICO

The owner can conduct a private ICO in presale (before pre iCO 1 tier starts). The private ICO is customized with the following parameters:

  • total ether cap
  • token quantity for 1 ETH
  • start time
  • end time
  • minimum contribution

After one private ICO ends and is finalized by the owner, it's possible to create another one if there is still time before pre ICO 1 tier.

AllSporter Coin

Item Value
Standard ERC20
Decimals 18
Name AllSporter Coin
Symbol ALL
Cap 260M

AllSporter ICO technical details

The architecture of the ICO consists of the following Smart Contracts:

Smart Contract Description
Minter Abstract base class responsible for minting tokens and tracking sale cap
Tge Main contract managing prices, permissions and the state of the ICO
Crowdsale Entry point for the investors and external sales
DeferredKyc Responsible for managing investments undergoing KYC process
ReferralManager Manages the fees for referring investors
Allocator Allows the allocation of tokens for Team & Developers, Customer Rewards, Advisors & Bounty
Airdropper Proportionally mints tokens maintaining the token split percentages up to the token cap of 260M ALL

Architecture diagram



The Smart Contracts emit the following events on the blockchain:

AllSporter Coin events

Event Description
Mint Tokens are minted for a given address
MintFinished Minting is finished, and the tokens are no longer frozen (can be transferred)

Minter events

Event Description
Minted A portion of tokens has been minted
Reserved A portion of ether in the sale ether cap has been reserved
Unreserved Reserved portion of ether has been unreserved
MintedReserved Reserved portion of ether has been minted

Tge events

Event Description
StateChanged The state of the TGE has changed
PrivateIcoInitialized Private ICO has been initialized
PrivateIcoFinalized Private ICO has been finalized by the owner

Crowdsale events

Event Description
Bought Tokens have been bought by an investor
SaleNoted External sale has been noted
SaleLockedNoted External sale has been noted and locked

DeferredKyc events

Event Description
AddedToKyc An investment has been placed under KYC
Approved An investment under KYC has been approved
Rejected An investment under KYC has been rejected
RejectedWithdrawn Investment that did not pass KYC has been withdrawn
ApproverTransferred The approver of the KYC has been changed

ReferralManager events

Event Description
FeeAdded A referral fee has been minted

Allocator events

Event Description
Initialized The contract has been initialized
AllocatedCommunity Tokens have been allocated for group: Community and Bounty
AllocatedAdvisors Tokens have been allocated for group: Advisors, Developers, Ambassadors and Partners
AllocatedCustomer Tokens have been allocated for group: Customer Rewards
AllocatedTeam Tokens have been allocated for group: Team
LockedTokensReleased Locked tokens are unlocked after locking period
VestedTokensReleased A portion of vested tokens is released

Airdropper events

Event Description
Initialized The contract has been initialized with the current state of token total supply
Airdropped The tokens have been minted for an account


ABI (Application binary interface) can be found in the build/contracts folder.


The tests can be run using the following command:

npm run dev:test


AllSporter Crowdsale and Allsporter Token



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