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Releases: EthersocialNetwork/mist

ESN Wallet v0.3.5 (Mist v0.12.0) preview

10 Apr 01:57
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ESN Wallet v0.3.5 released!

based on the latest Mist v0.12.0 master branch

  • fixed sync problem after exit (under windows. fixed geth bug)
  • restore splash screen
  • restore sendTransactionConfirmation
  • i18n Korean messages update
  • add a missing retryConnection action
  • fixed meteor-package-tools, meteor-package-elements` packages
  • Multi-chain configurable fix
  • support MacOS X executable (experimental)

미스트 최신 v0.12.0 master 기반

  • 윈도우상에서 종료 후에 sync 문제 해결. (geth 버그 수정)
  • splash 화면 복구
  • sendTransactionConfirmation 복구
  • i18n 한글 메시지 업데이트
  • 빠졌던 retryConnection 액션 추가.
  • 수정된 meteor-package-tools, meteor-package-elements` 패키지
  • MacOS X용 실행파일 지원 (실험적)
  • 다중 체인 지원 수정

Notice for upgrade

  • open %APPDATA%\ESNWallet folder (e.g. C:\Users\Foobar\AppData\Roaming\ESNWallet\)
    • you can input %APPDATA%\ESNWallet at the search box in the taskbar.
  • delete clientBinaries.json, node, network
    • clientBinaries.json will be automatically downloaded.
    • node contains geth or gesn(old wallet case)
    • network contains ethersocial or main (old wallet case)
  • delete %APPDATA%\binaries\Gesn folder and old executables.