Project code for an fft based graphic equalizer to be run on a Stellaris Launchpad.
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Project code for an fft based graphic equalizer to be run on a Stellaris Launchpad.

I'm assuming that TI will follow the standard procedure for Stellaris installs for Launchpad, which is to say that when you install StellarisWare, the file structure will be such that you have a root (defaulted to C:/StellarisWare) in which driverlib will be copied. That root will also contain a boards directory, which in turn should contain a directory for the lm4f120. If you do a git clone off of the above address, you'll find a similar file structure. You should just be able to copy the led_equalizer project into the lm4f120 board directory, and copy dsplib into the stellarisWare root.

In it's current state, the only thing I've verified working is the Code Composer Studio build. I have included project files that should at least be 95% good for all the other Stellaris supported environments: a makefile for you command line GCC enthusiasts and project files for Keil uVision, IAR Embedded Workbench, and CodeSourcery's IDE. I'm guessing that if you tried to import and build into any of those as is, you will hit two problems.

For one, there's a config array that the uDMA engine uses that needs to be stored on a 1024 byte boundary. I have some pragmas in place to handle that for CCS and IAR, but I haven't yet figured out the syntax for handling this in other compilers. Shouldn't be too hard to figure out, and hopefully I'll have that done soon.

The second issue will be with the CMSIS library. The current release contains a precompiled .lib and the headers necessary to interface with it. This was compiled with the tms470 compiler, though, so it won't work with anything other than CCS. If you download CMSIS for yourself, it should come with precompiled binaries for use with uVision, GCC, and CodeSourcery. You'll want to add those to dsplib, then edit your project's library include path/list to point to the proper binary. I am considering including these in dsplib, but I'm not really sure what ARM's policy is on redistributing their binaries, and I'd prefer not get sued out of existence :)