EPICS model 3 motor driver for a TwinCAT 3 system
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TwinCAT project prepared to be used with EPICS

EPICS model 3 motor driver for a TwinCAT 3 system


A general overview can be found here:


This Git is today somewhat obsolete. To increases the maintainability, this Git is split into different Gits:

  • The TwinCAT part is moved into an own Git with submodules.

git clone --recursive https://bitbucket.org/europeanspallationsource/tc_generic_structure.git

  • The EPICS model 3 motor driver is found here:

git clone https://bitbucket.org/europeanspallationsource/m-epics-ethercatmc.git

  • You may want to use an improved version of the motorRecord:

git clone -b ess-6.9.x https://bitbucket.org/europeanspallationsource/m-epics-motor.git

There will be some more information, a kind of wiki. This work is ongoing, so please contact us.

If you want to see an old version, just use

git checkout HEAD^