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QuSoC - Low-level RTL design using C# and Quokka FPGA toolkit.

This repository contains

  • Basic CLI for running C# => HDL (Verilog or VHDL) translation
  • Test examples for toolkit functionality
  • Basic RTL Simulator
  • QRV32 - RISCV synthesizable core
  • QuSoC - initial implementation for SoC design core
  • TinyFPGA reference project with blinking LED, running off RISCV CPU and sample firmware


QuSoC modules and demo projects

  • Get code from github repository
git clone
cd ./qusoc
  • Run RISC-V toolchain, it is available as docker image.
  • Launch RISC-V toolchain image
  • Open qusoc.demos location in command line
cd qusoc/qusoc/qusoc.demos
  • Run CLI in watch mode
  • Or run CLI in watch mode for TinyFPGA board

TinyFPGA project is prebuilt, so you can run it straight from Atom and APIO (Please refer to TinyFPGA installation guide for all required tools

Output should look something like next:

Quokka.FPGA version:
Quokka.RTL version:
Cleaning up ...
Checking for config file at C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\rtl.verilog.json
Watching C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\qusoc.demos.csproj
Found SoC Type: Arrays.SOC
Found SoC Type: Fibonacci.SOC
Found SoC Type: Increment.SOC
Found SoC Type: MemBlock.SOC
Found SoC Type: Recursion.SOC
Found CS source: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\apps\Recursion\source\Recursion.cs
Found CS source: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\apps\MemBlock\source\MemBlock.cs
Found CS source: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\apps\Increment\source\Increment.cs
Found CS source: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\apps\Fibonacci\source\Fibonacci.cs
Found CS source: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.demos\apps\Arrays\source\Arrays.cs
Transformation completed: Recursion
Transformation completed: MemBlock
Transformation completed: Increment
Transformation completed: Fibonacci
Transformation completed: BlinkerSim
Transformation completed: BlinkerInf
Transformation completed: Arrays
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CounterModule.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU_RISCVModule_ALU.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU_RISCVModule_CMP.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU_RISCVModule_ID.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU_RISCVModule_Regs.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_CPU_State_CSR.hex
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_InstructionsRAM.v
Generated file: C:\code\qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog\generated\Increment\Increment_TopLevel_Increment_InstructionsRAM_State_BlockRAM.hex
=== Directory transformation completed

Now you should have RTL files in qusoc\qusoc\qusoc.hdl\verilog location


Project is in active development, please contact me if you get any issues of have feedback.



Other resources and parts of Quokka Toolkit


QuSoC demo projects and template



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