Full source code of Retrocade.net game: Kulkis - an arcade action game about destroying blocks and changing colors
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Kulkis logo

Kulkis Screen 1 Kulkis Screen 2 Kulkis Screen 3 Kulkis Screen 4 Kulkis Screen 5

Kulkis is an arcade game about a ball bouncing up'n'down and destroying colorful blocks. It's a fun coffee-breaker that can be completed in a single sitting.

This repository contains the freely available source code and assets for the game by Evidently Cube (formerly Retrocade.net).

General info



File LICENSE.txt contains the actual body of the license for Source Code, Artworks and Sound Effects for the project. If any text file is licensed by someone else in a different manner the text of the license will be at the top of the file. Non-text file licenses are presented in a format <filename>.<extension>.LICENSE.txt, eg. music.mp3.LICENSE.txt. Alternatively LICENSE.txt might exist in a directory - in this case this license covers the whole contents of the directory and its subdirectories.

Supporting Evidently Cube

The simplest way is to either donate to this project via Itch.io or donate/buy any of our other projects.

More Projects

Evidently Cube is at the slow process of releasing the source code and graphical assets of almost all of their old projects. If you're interested in other games please visit this page.

File Formats

In case you encounter arcane and unknown file formats here are the tools you might need:


How to build the project

Open build.cmd in your text editor, update MXMLC_PATH variable with the path to Flex SDK (it should support at least Flash Player 10.1), and then run build.cmd. If you're on a non-windows o/s the commands used in the file should still work fine so you can use them as basis.

Making levels

Unfortunately the level editor used for creating levels got lost. If you'd like to make new ones you'll have to use one of your choice (eg. Ogmo Editor or Tiled) and write your own code for parsing the level format. Alternatively at some point Kulkis 1.5 will also be released and it includes an Ogmo Editor project and levels and feature wise pretty much everything in Kulkis is also in Kulkis 1.5.