This library is no longer maintained! Please have a look at my new amazon Lib at:
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#No longer maintained Please use the brand new lib:

#Amazon ECS PHP Library Version 1.3 AmazonECS is a class which searches products and fetches information about it from the amazon product database.

See a working Search-Demo at:

You can see the simple code of the demosite here:

This is realized by the Product Advertising API (former ECS) from Amazon WS Front.

The AmazonECS class fetches product information via SOAP requests directly from the Amazon-Database.

It supports four basic operations: ItemSearch, ItemLookup, BrowseNodeLookup, SimilarityLookup

These operations could be expanded with extra prarmeters to specialize the query.

Requirement is the PHP extension SOAP.

##Basic Usage: The usage is quite simple. Just require the class, create a new object and it's ready to use. Nothing else to configure.

You just need to pass a category name when doing searches.


require_once 'lib/AmazonECS.class.php';

$response  = $client->category('Books')->search('PHP 5');

For some very simple examples go to the samples-folder and have a look at the sample files. These files contain all information you need for building queries successful.

##Demo Site: Simple Product Search:

##Webservice Documentation: Hosted on

##More information: See wikipages for more information: