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Exodus - Android Application

Exodus is an Android application that lets you know what trackers are embedded in apps installed on your smartphone using the εxodus platform. It also lets you know the permissions required by any apps on your smartphone.

It helps you to take your privacy back!

Build Status GitHub release (latest by date) Crowdin

Get it on F-Droid Get it on Google Play Download APK from GitHub



If you want to help us improve this application, you can:


Do you want to help translate the application? Contribute here:

  • Exodus is fully translated into 2 languages and 36 languages can be translated in Crowdin.
  • You can translate app on Github but remember to insert a backslash \ before any apostrophe '.


If you would like to improve app code and have skills about development, you are most welcome.

  • You can find work in issues or in Exodus project.
  • Before submitting pull requests please, execute Kotlin Liner.
  • Do not create pull requests to update dependencies, we have dependabot.

Build APK Debug

./gradlew assembleDebug

Execute Kotlin Liner

./gradlew app:ktlintCheck --info

Execute local unit tests

./gradlew test

Execute instrumented tests

./gradlew connectedAndroidTest