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This extension adds a WebVR-based Virtual Reality (VR) mode to ExplorViz, which allows a collaborative exploration of software systems. The related backend extension can be found here.



  1. Setup and install your head-mounted display (HMD)

  2. Setup and start ExplorViz Backend and the ExplorViz Backend Extension VR

  3. Follow the installation guide of ExplorViz frontend

  4. Change to the frontends directory in your CLI, e.g. cd explorviz-frontend

  5. Install this extension via ember install

Running & Building

Follow the respective procedure in ExplorViz frontend


The IP address for the WebSocket connection(e.g. for user synchronization) to the backend can be configured in the file public/config/config_multiuser.json. The default address for the WebSocket connection is localhost. The IP address for RESTful data exchange(e.g. for landscape data) is still configured via environments of the ExplorViz frontend


The extension can be used in standard right-handed mode or switched to a left-handed mode. The controls for the Oculus Rift S are similar to those of the Oculus Rift CV1.

HTC Vive (Pro) Controls (right-handed):

HTC Vive (Pro) Controls (left-handed):

Oculus Rift CV1 Controls (right-handed):

Oculus Rift CV1 Controls (left-handed):