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Dax Path

The Dax Path tool makes use of @itsdax great web walking API All credits to him.

Generating map tiles

(note that this will take a long time, and will generate an extremely large number of files):

  1. Create map images for each plane using a map image dumper like

  2. Install OSGeo4W (make sure it installs GDAL)

  3. Download

  4. Open OSGeo4W Shell, run with the following parameters:

python -p raster -z 3-11 -e full_image_0.png your_output_dir/0/
python -p raster -z 3-11 -e full_image_1.png your_output_dir/1/
python -p raster -z 3-11 -e full_image_2.png your_output_dir/2/
python -p raster -z 3-11 -e full_image_3.png your_output_dir/3/
  1. Update the tile layer path in to point to your local dir where your tiles are stored (the following line)
map.tile_layer = L.tileLayer('' + map.plane + '/{z}/{x}/{y}.png'
  1. Test the map to ensure coordinates produced for a selection of OSRS tiles are correct, you can compare with the live version of
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