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ExpoSE.js is a dynamic symbolic execution engine for JavaScript, developed at Royal Holloway, University of London by Blake Loring, Duncan Mitchell, and Johannes Kinder. ExpoSE is based on Jalangi2 and the Z3 SMT solver.


Requires node version v7.5.0 (other versions may work but are not tested), npm, clang, clang++, gnuplot, make, python2 (as python in path).

mitmproxy (Depends libxml2-dev, libxslt-dev, libssl-dev) is required for electron analysis.

First time setup

When executing npm start for the first time, ExpoSE performs the initial setup, which can take up to 30 minutes for collecting and installing dependencies. The install script will attempt to add expoSE to your bash profile during the process. To manually setup expose execute ./expoSE setup


In most cases you want to start by running the ExpoSE dashboard. The GUI provides detailed test case information, easy replay, and coverage graphs. Start the ExpoSE dashboard with

$ npm start


Alternatively, you can invoke ExpoSE directly via the expoSE command line interface.


$ expoSE ./tests/integers/infoflow

Valid Options:

  • setup - Clean and setup ExpoSE
  • ui - Launch the ExpoSE Dashboard
  • replay - Replay a test case with a specific input.
  • test_suite - Run the pre-push test suite.


ExpoSE is configured via environment variables. All work both with the ExpoSE GUI and ExpoSE CLI. Typically these can be set from a terminal by writing a command such as

$ EXPOSE_LOG_LEVEL=1 expoSE target/hello.js
  • EXPOSE_MAX_TIME - The time (in milliseconds) to limit the total execution
  • EXPOSE_TEST_TIMEOUT - The time (in milliseconds) a test case can run for before being timed out
  • EXPOSE_PRINT_COVERAGE - Print out the files checked by an analysis and show the lines which where explored by the analyzer
  • EXPOSE_PRINT_PATHS - Print the output of each test case to stdout
  • EXPOSE_LOG_LEVEL - Level from 0 (None) to 3 (High)
  • EXPOSE_MAX_CONCURRENT - The maximum number of test cases that can run concurrently
  • RECOMPILE - Force ExpoSE to rebuild before executing scripts

NOTE: To improve performance logging instructions are removed from the output at compile time and so will not be updated if NO_COMPILE is set.


The following tool paper describes an early version of ExpoSE: