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Pigment.O is a Krita plugin Color Picker and Mixer.


  • Active Color, Previous Color, Background Color, Harmony Colors (5) & Luminosity Lock.
  • Color Scale Agnostic.
  • Harmony Colors displayed at panels: ARD, HSV, HSL, HUE.
  • Harmony Rules: Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous, Split Complementary and Double Split Complementary.
  • Multiple Panel display: FGC, RGB, ARD, HSV, HSL, HUE, GAM, DOT, OBJ & IMG.
  • FGC panel can display: Harmony and Kelvin
  • OBJ panel can display a USER created object.
  • Panel GUI modifier to adjust 3rd axis.
  • Percentile ruler with numerical display.
  • Hex color code.
  • Channel Sliders color spaces: A, RGB, CMY, CMYK, RYB, YUV, K(Kelvin), ARD, HSV, HSL, HCY, XYZ, XYY, LAB.
  • Channel Sliders shortcuts Keys with 4 Key Slots.
  • A channel displays Monochrome Gray and Perceptual Gray(Luma).
  • K channel displays Light Color Temperature and Active Color weighted with Light Temperature. Reference Illuminants are displayed while editing.
  • Color Space locks: ARD, CMYK, K.
  • Channel Options: Values, Hue-Shine, Hex-CP(Copy Paste Hex code), Cursor(Shape), %(Channels on Percentile Ruler)
  • Palette with 11 slots.
  • Palette slots can apply color using shortcuts.
  • Mixer colors linearly in different color spaces: TTS(tint, tone and shade in RGB), RGB, ARD, HSV, HSL, HCY, YUV, RYB and CMYK.
  • Color History.
  • Color Name Display from a list. And select closest color with a name.
  • Panels HUE and GAM change hue ring spacing according to CMY(default) and RYB rings.
  • Luma calculations according to BT.601, BT.709 and BT.2020.
  • Matrix transformations between XYZ and RGB with various RGB spaces.
  • Matrix transformations between XYZ and RGB within D50 and D65 illuminants when available.
  • Performance enhancements: Release and Inaccurate.
  • Krita Theme Sensitive.
  • Save and Load previous session.
  • Adjustable and Scalable UI.
  • Settings and Quick Options.
  • Auto Fill layer.
  • ON / OFF / P>K switch.


Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture

OS notices

Linux users to install this plugin also need to:

  • install the "python3-pyqt5-svg" module that is not included in linux
  • use Krita with a appimage.


This project will remain Open source and available to all users.
Support with donations are welcomed to keep the project alive and maintained (and also help with living expenses).

Donation Link