A plugin for Kerbal Space Program.
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A plugin for Kerbal Space Program, proudly maintained by Kerbaltek.

All releases will be on our own site: http://www.Kerbaltek.com/hyperedit

Please talk to us at the KSP forum thread (you'll have to search for it), and on our site: http://www.Kerbaltek.com/contact

Pull requests are always welcome, as is any other input. In fact, we rely on contributions to keep our projects going.

Please leave our .version file as it is. That's only here for CKAN, and it will be changed manually by the owner when we package the mod for release.

To build: Change the .csproj file where notated to suit your own setup, but please keep it out of your commits when pushing or making a pull request.

VS2015+ is required, or other C#6 compliant C# compiler (khyperia uses mono 4.2.2, Ezriilc uses VS2017 Community)