H264 encoder and mpeg transport stream encapsulator
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avc2ts is a H264 encoder and mpeg transport stream encapsulator for Raspberry Pi (Created by Evariste Courjaud F5OEO. Code is GPL)


$ ./preinstall.sh
$ make

H264 encoder and transport stream encapsulator

avc2ts -1.0.0
rpi-avc2ts  -o OutputFile -b BitrateVideo -m BitrateMux -x VideoWidth  -y VideoHeight -f Framerate -n MulticastGroup [-d PTS/PCR][-v][-h] 
-o            path to Transport File Output 
-b            VideoBitrate in bit/s 
-m            Multiplex Bitrate (should be around 1.4 VideoBitrate)
-x            VideoWidth (should be 16 pixel aligned)
-y 	      VideoHeight (should be 16 pixel aligned)
-f            Framerate (25 for example)
-n 	      Multicast group (optionnal) example
-d 	      Delay PTS/PCR in ms
-v	      Enable Motion vectors
-i	      IDR Period
-t		TypeInput {0=Picamera,1=InternalPatern,2=USB Camera,3=Rpi Display,4=VNC,5=ffmpeg}
-e 		Extra Arg:
			- For usb camera name of device (/dev/video0)
			- For VNC : IP address of VNC Server. Password must be datv
            - For ffmpeg : url or file to stream
-p 		Set the PidStart: Set PMT=PIDStart,Pidvideo=PidStart+1,PidAudio=PidStart+2
-s 		Set Servicename : Typically CALL
-h            help (print this help).
Example : ./avc2ts -o result.ts -b 1000000 -m 1400000 -x 640 -y 480 -f 25 -n