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Getting started with Java on Raspberry Pi

In this project you can find all the sources and scripts described in the book "Getting started with Java on the Raspberry Pi" which is available on Leanpub.


Everything is organized according to the chapters in the book.

Within each chapter you will find (but not always all of them):

  • A README file like this on, with more info about the content of the chapter itself, links to related articles and more.
  • One "scripts" directory with scripts e.g. to install Java on the Pi.
  • One "schemes" directory with Fritzing files with the wiring of the projects in the chapter.
  • "java-..." directories, depending on the content:
    • Only .java-files: code you can run without the need to compile (with Java 11+).
    • A new directory structure with a "pom.xml" in the root: a full Maven Java project.
  • "javafx-..." directories: a full Mavan JavaFX project.
  • "arduino-..." directories: an Arduino project.


  • 1: Introduction
  • 2: Tools used in the book and example projects
  • 3: Selecting an IDE for Java development
  • 4: Info and history of Java and how to install on the Raspberry Pi
  • 5: Information about the pins on a Raspberry Pi
  • 6: What is Maven and how we are going to use it
  • 7: What is JavaFX and some sample applications
  • 8: Bits and bytes and how to use them
  • 9: Pi4J the perfect connector between Java and hardware
  • 10: Spring to control the Pi via web services
  • 11: Queues allow you to control multiple Pi's and Arduinos
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