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Fully tested. #31

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Xeinix commented Oct 28, 2018

This code was tested at Bot Bash 2018.

NickStothard and others added some commits Jan 7, 2018

Drive train controls.
Added drive train controls and their instantiations, there's still a few lines I think need to be added. Not sure though.
Basic Teleop
This gives the robot the ability to function traversally. It can now move forwards, backwards, and turn.
This code uses cables that group together the left and right motors into one variable instead of two.
Basic TeleOp
This is all of the basic TeleOp that we have the ability to make so far.  The controls in this version of the code involve being able to pick up and drop boxes, as well as have the elevator go up and down.
Basic TeleOp v1.2
Same code, just with some updated variables.
Zachary Seebeck
Updated uniform variables.
Updated all of our "Common Variables" to be in line with the TeleOp branch.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup auton layout.
Still needs a lot more work, but set up the main methods and if statements.
Basic TeleOp v1.3
More bug fixes.
TeleOp v0.0.4
Added an eject button which turns on the grab motors at full speed to eject the box from the grabbing mechanism.
Change version number to reflect the updates in testing.
Adding in some notes for encoders.
Ya. Set this up wrong. Used to putting issues in the code considering we didn't use GitHub last year.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup CAN testing.
Seting up basic motor movement using CAN.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup CAN Testing.
More testing with CAN. This time, seeing encoders through the Talons.
Zachary Seebeck
Remove testing code.
Remove the testing code that's not intended for this branch. The removed code has been put into another branch.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup PWM based encoders.
Setup our PWM based encoders for left and right side drivetrain.
Zachary Seebeck
Removed TeleOp code.
Why was there TeleOp code in Auton? I don't know. I don't think anyone does. Seems odd.
Zachary Seebeck
Copied encoder setup.
Just basically coppied the encoder setup from TeleOp.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup DS check code.
Setup checking what station we are in based off of the FMS and DriverStation.
Zachary Seebeck
Forgot somthing.
I forgot to add in the else statement for FMS.
Zachary Seebeck
Setup driver override.
Allows the driver to select their own auton option. Mainly used for testing because we can't run our own FMS.

Zachary Seebeck and others added some commits Feb 5, 2018

Zachary Seebeck
Hm. I'm lost.
Ok, so I remember pushing all of this. But apparently I didn't. So there's a lot. If you really care about what was added, look through the code.
Zachary Seebeck
A lot of stuff.
I forgot to push all of this code a while ago. My bad.
'Final code'
I only say 'final' because the final set of  controls still need to be done, but that's at another point.

Co-Authored-By: Nick <>
Co-Authored-By: Nick <>
Co-Authored-By: Nick <>
Co-Authored-By: Nick <>

@Xeinix Xeinix merged commit 16393c8 into master Oct 28, 2018

@Xeinix Xeinix deleted the Might-work.-But-we're-not-too-sure branch Oct 28, 2018

Zachary Seebeck
End of season final push.
Whelp. This is it. This is the end of season code push. FIRST Power Up is now complete for 6071 and we are starting to look torwards 2019's game. Here's to next year.
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