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a save exploit for the gamecube version of animal crossing
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An exploit for all the gamecube versions of animal crossing, you only need a method of injecting the two needed exploit .gci files you can download from the "Releases" tab above, also make sure to read the notes of the release for more information.
This exploit will load a homebrew boot.dol converted to a .gci with dol2gci (included in Home Bros.) from your memory card, you can also find ready-to-use homebrew .gci executables in both gameboy interface and swiss-gc.
Probably the easiest way to install those .gci files is using a wii that already has homebrew on it and the memory card manager GCMM, just put the .gci files on a folder called "MCBACKUP" on your sd card and then use GCMM.
To trigger the exploit, load up the town, go into the house, click on the nes and start "LoadDOL", exit the nes with l+r+z and then just wait for the dol to load up automatically about 20 seconds after exiting the nes.

This exploit was made possible thanks to:
The original find by jamchamb, read up on how he did it if you are interested:
The great work by Cuyler36 for writing both ACSE:
and the original ACNESCreator:
Though this does not use that original version, I just made some small changes to make it easier to work for all the versions I have to compile:

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