UGUI: FLIF - View and Convert FLIF files!
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UGUI: FLIF is a viewer, encoder, and decoder of FLIF files.

This is a Graphical User Interface for the Free Lossless Image Format that allows for encoding and decoding.

The first version was made in about half an hour using the UGUI framework. You can watch the video here:

Screenshots and Download




If you have Node and NPM installed

  1. Fork and Clone the repo
  2. run npm install to download dependencies
  3. run npm start to load the application
  4. Checkout the dev branch for latest code, or branch off of Master to add your own changes.

If you don't have Node or NPM installed

  1. Download NW.js
  2. Fork and Clone the repo
  3. Run NW.js pointing it at the repo
  4. Checkout the dev branch for latest code, or branch off of Master to add your own changes.

Road map

New features we'd like to see added in the future. No particular order:

  • Cross-Platform Support - We now support OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu.
  • Cross-Platform Release - We have done an official release supporting OSX, Windows, and Ubuntu.
  • Improve processing time - Currently we just wait a few seconds after the exe finishes before displaying any results to give the filesystem a chance to catch up. Need to introduce a way of detecting when the filesystem is ready. Pinging it every 100ms for a filesize may be the best option.
  • Full CLI Support - Better support for advanced arguments supplied by the flif.exe, such as repeats and interlacing.
  • Arbitrary Format Conversion - Currently you can encode .PNG, .PNM, .PPM, .PGM, .PBM, .PAM to .FLIF and decode .FLIF to .PNG, .PNM, and .PAM. We need to detect non-supported images, convert them to somthing supported using convert.exe then toss it's output into flif.exe. Also the reverse, allow for converting .flif to any image format convert.exe supports.
  • Simple Compression - The ability to automatically convert an input file to both interlaced and non-interlaced and return whichever is smaller to the user (if desired).
  • Maximum Compression - Repeats have an interesting affect on filesize. We could add in a FLIF-Crush option that would try every combination (0-1000) and return whichever highest tree value had the smallest filesize. Interlacing may play a part too.
  • FLIF Preview - Implement Poly-FLIF.js to preview FLIF files in a quicker fashion.
  • Multi-file Input - The SVGO-GUI project is a simple app that allows for multi-file import both in the GUI and as command line arguments that can be passed in by dragging a group of files or a folder on to the .exe itself. This would be a good project to reference.