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OBSOLETE. Some basic training exercises for learning FRC Dashboard.
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FRC Dashboard Training

This repository serves as a training exercise for students and mentors wishing to learn to use the FRC Dashboard user interface development library.

Prerequisites for this trainer

FRC Dashboard uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code. It is HIGHLY recommended that you gain at least some knowledge of all three of these languages before attempting this training or building on to FRC Dashboard. Codecademy's courses "JavaScript" and "HTML & CSS" are a quick and easy way to get up and running.

To start the server, you'll also need very basic knowledge of using the Terminal (or cmd, if you're on Windows). We recommend checking out Codecademy's lesson "Learning the Command Line" if you need help with this.


Launching the dashboard



  1. Take a look at the checkbox with the ID #light. This checkbox should work perfectly.
  2. Use this as a model to find the problems with the button underneath #light. Hint: You may need to check the ID of the button, as well as the object at the top of ui.js.
  3. Now, add a new control element, a slider, to allow choosing a value from 0-50. Make it work just like the other two elements. Hint: type="range" makes a slider, and element.value will get its value.
  4. Make several more elements of different kinds for practice. Once you have a good understanding of how the dashboard code works, you should be ready to start building your own dashboard. See you in competition.
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