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All links in the timeline have been replaced by links to the new info archive at which is pratically empty at this point

21.10 2021.10.23

  • Added: EuroLinux (thanks to jakub-olczyk, AlexBaranowski and Barnabasz)
  • Added: postmarketOS (thanks to krkk)
  • Blacklisted: bundled with hardware only distros (CromeOS, etc)
  • Blacklisted: commercial only (no sources) embedded distros (ELinOS, etc)
  • Continued: Lunar Linux (thanks to dagbrown)
  • Discontinued: OpenELEC
  • Discontinued: Qomo (thanks to OkayPJ)
  • Discontinued: SteamOS (the old Debian based)
  • Discontinued: Rocks, TENS
  • Rebased: OSMC (Debian since 2015.06.28, thanks to jb2cool)
  • Rebased: AV Linux (MX Linux since 2020.11.25)
  • Rebased: Finnix (Debian since 2005.10.23)
  • Fixed: SUSE and openSUSE history
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All links in the timeline have been replaced by links to the new info archive at which is empty at this point

20.10 2020.10.25

  • Added: Ataraxia Linux (thanks to Protonesso)
  • Blacklisted: Swift (celebrity related distro)
  • Blacklisted: ChaletOS (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: OpenNode (no distro found)
  • Blacklisted: Gnu-HALO (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: How-Tux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Satanic Edition (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Mamona (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Garuda (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Fusion (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: FoX (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: HP Secure (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: AsianLinux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: epiOS (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Apricity (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: MorpheusArch Linux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: SwagArch GNU/Linux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Maui Linux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Handy Linux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Impi (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Xebian (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Bluewall (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Amber (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Euronode (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Polippix (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: ZoneCD (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Armed (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Happy Linux (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: EvilEntity (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Storm (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: Ultrapenguin (too short lifetime)
  • Blacklisted: SuperRescue (too short lifetime)
  • Continued: Red Flag (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Continued: Finnix
  • Continued: Draco
  • Discontinued: Point Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Discontinued: Viperr, Lunar Linux, Sonar GNU/Linux
  • Discontinued: Tanglu
  • Discontinued: Container Linux (previously CoreOS)
  • Discontinued: Antergos (thanks to pushkar-bharambe)
  • Discontinued: Flint OS (merged into CloudReady)
  • Discontinued: Superb Mini Server, Christian Edition
  • Discontinued: Ulteo, DEFT, Voyage Linux, UHU
  • Discontinued: Semplice, LinuxBBQ, wattOS, UberStudent
  • Rebased: SUSE
  • Rebased: Kali (based on Debian)
  • Rebased: Volumio (based on Debian)
  • Rebased: SystemRescueCD (Arch since 2019.02.02)
  • Rebased: WHAX (based on Slax)
  • Rebased: Backtrack (Ubuntu since 2010.01.9)
  • Rebased: MAX (Ubuntu since 2007.03)
  • Rebased: Netrunner (Debian since 2016.10.23)
  • Rebased: Linkat (OpenSUSE since 2009.10.15)
  • Rebased: Linkat (Ubuntu since 2011.11.25)
  • Rebased: Stresslinux (OpenSUSE since 2010.04.13)
  • Rebased: Hiweed Linux (Debian since 2004.7.22)
  • Rebased: Hiweed Linux (Ubuntu since 2006.09.25)
  • Rebased: deepin (Debian since 2015.12.30)
  • Renamed: Void to VoidLinux
  • Renamed: Ylmf to Ylmf OS (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: Sparky to Sparky Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: Happy to Happy Linux (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: deepin (various) (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: Elementary OS to elementary OS (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: gnuLiNex to gnuLinEx (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: Ubuntu DesktopPack to Ubuntu-Pack (there are multiple edition,
    not only desktop related) (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: GuixSD to Guix System (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Renamed: Raspbian to Raspberry Pi OS
  • Renamed: SystemRescueCD to SystemRescue
  • Renamed: Voyage to Voyage Linux
  • Renamed: Auditor Security Linux to Auditor Security Collection
  • Renamed: Arch to Arch Linux
  • Fixed: link for VoidLinux (thanks to Unrealrussian)
  • Fixed: link for Lihuen
  • Fixed: links for SystemRescueCD/SystemRescue
  • Fixed: link for MCC Interim (thanks to SoulRepo)
  • Fixed: link for Red Flag (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Fixed: Slackware started before Debian
  • Fixed: start date for Nethserver (not definitive)
  • Fixed: start date for Chromium OS
  • Fixed: deepin history (thanks to xingjiapeng)
  • Misc: rewrite of in POSIX shell by @konimex

ldt_v20 10

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19.04 2019-04-30

  • Added: Raspbmc/OSMC, OmniROM
  • Added: Shift Linux (discontinued) (thanks to jristz)
  • Added: ArchMerge/ArcoLinux, Pop OS, Bluestar Linux
  • Added: SwagArch GNU/Linux, Snakeoil OS
  • Added: Hyperbola (thanks to André Silva)
  • Added: Ubuntu Touch (thanks to Michael McMahon)
  • Added: Arch Linux 32 (thanks to kRkk)
  • Added: Artix (thanks to PaoJiao, xnano200, konimex)
  • Added: Endless OS (thanks to btreut)
  • Added: Q4OS (thanks to larkivisto)
  • Added: Asteroid OS, BBQLinux
  • Added: SCO Linux (discontinued)
  • Discontinued: Vyatta, Korora, Hawaii OS, Parsidora
  • Discontinued: DeLi(cate), XBMCbuntu, ZevenOS
  • Discontinued: Symphony OS, Bridge, IPCop, eZeY
  • Discontinued: Hanthana, Stephenson's Rocket
  • Discontinued: Chapeau, Finnix, Quirky
  • Discontinued: PoliArch, Android-IA, Edubuntu
  • Discontinued: Parsix (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Burapha (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Caixa Mágica (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Synergy (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Fusion (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Devil (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: K12 (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Jarro Negro (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Discontinued: Turbolinux
  • Blacklisted: Mandragora, Keysoft
  • Blacklisted: JOPUX (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Blacklisted: NanoLinux, Remix OS, Revenge OS
  • Back to waiting list: ExTiX, VeltOS
  • Back to waiting list: CopperheadOS, Phoenix OS
  • Merged: Lede Project into OpenWRT
  • Renamed: Android Wear to Wear OS
  • Renamed: AV to AV Linux
  • Renamed: ASP to ASPLinux
  • Renamed: Caldera to Caldera OpenLinux
  • Renamed: SCO to SCO OpenLinux
  • Renamed: Lycoris to Lycoris Desktop/LX
  • Fixed: start & end date for Knopperdisk
  • Fixed: start date for Void (thanks to Aleppi)
  • Fixed: link for Sage Live (thanks to sergds)
  • Fixed: link for AV Linux
  • Fixed: Link for piCorePlayer (thanks to btreut)
  • Fixed: Link for Deepin (thanks to btreut)
  • Fixed: link for PelicanHPC
  • Fixed: link for Gibraltar Firewall (thanks to Zitrax)
  • Fixed: link for MAX
  • Fixed: link for NayuOS
  • Fixed: link for ConnochaetOS
  • Fixed: connector for ASPLinux (thanks to jorgenatz)
  • Fixed: ChaletOS to Xubuntu-based distribution
  • Fixed: normalized data (thanks to schcriher)
  • Fixed: markdown in (thanks to kRkk)
  • Fixed: invalid ID's in the SVG (thanks to RazrFalcon)
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17.10 (2017-10-29)

  • Added: GuixSD, LineageOS, SteamOS, ToriOS, OSGeo-Live
  • Added: Android Things/Project Brillo, Android Wear
  • Added: GalliumOS, Flint OS, VeltOS, MX Linux
  • Added: OviOS, AudioPhile Linux, Daphile, ARCHLabs
  • Added: Ye Olde SteamOSe/Stephenson's Rocket
  • Added: MorpheusArch Linux, OBRevenge OS
  • Added: AOSC OS (thanks to MingcongBai)
  • Added: wtfplay-live, LuneOS, LineageOS, CloudLinux OS
  • Added: Knopperdisk (discontinued)
  • Added: Splack Linux (discontinued) (thanks to fede2cr)
  • Added: Minimal Linux Live (thanks to ivandavidov)
  • Added: Super Grub2 Disk, Obarun
  • Added: dCore (thanks to btreut)
  • Added: Connector 2 ParallelKnoppix -> PelicanHPC
  • Added: Connector 2 LibreELEC -> Lakka
  • Added: Connector 4 SolusOS -> Evolve OS/Solus
  • Added: Connector 4 Ubuntu Gnome -> Ubuntu
  • Discontinued: Cyanogen OS, CyanogenMod , Unity Linux
  • Discontinued: Red Ribbon, Apricity
  • Discontinued: Madbox, Musix, Descent|OS
  • Discontinued: DNALinux, SLAMPP, Topologilinux, Stux
  • Discontinued: Imagineos, Slack/390, Agilialinux
  • Discontinued: pQui, Slackintosh, Bluewhite64, Draco
  • Discontinued: PLATYPUX, Kongoni, Linvo, Bayanihan
  • Discontinued: Blag, Momonga, Ekaaty, StartCom
  • Discontinued: FREESCO, dyne:bolic, GeeXboX, Legacy OS
  • Discontinued: Sage Live CD, Syllable Server
  • Discontinued: Remix OS (thanks to z3ntu)
  • Discontinued: 0Linux (
  • Discontinued: Damn Small Linux, kademar
  • Discontinued: Aptosid (thanks to btreut)
  • Blacklisted: ChameleonOS (thanks to JulienAMOURIQ)
  • Blacklisted: DSN-N, Shabdix, Bioknoppix, gOS
  • Blacklisted: miniwoody, UserLinux, quantOS, Beatrix
  • Blacklisted: Tirwal, Virtual, Haydar, LinuxInstall
  • Blacklisted: BioBrew, FrameOS, Bintoo, Oz
  • Blacklisted: Sauver, Lin2Go, Jollix, Navyn OS
  • Blacklisted: Hikarunix, Chaox
  • Continued: Netrunner Rolling, Swift
  • Continued: Dragora (thanks to kelsoo)
  • Renamed: BU to BU Linux
  • Renamed: Unity to Unity Linux
  • Renamed: Budgie Remix to Ubuntu Budgie
  • Renamed: PUIAS to Springdale Linux
  • Renamed: Skolelinux to DebianEdu
  • Renamed: XBMC Live to XBMCbuntu
  • Renamed: Xange to eZeY
  • Renamed: LPS to TENS
  • Renamed: OBRevenge OS to Revenge OS
  • Fixed: Kaos to indipendent distribution (thanks to ShalokShalom)
  • Fixed: SolusOS to Debian-based distribution
  • Fixed: Moode to Raspbian-based distribution
  • Fixed: link for BU Linux
  • Fixed: link for PelicanHPC
  • Fixed: link for Manjaro
  • Fixed: link for Musix (thanks to Bururik)
  • Fixed: link for Syllable Server
  • Fixed: link for Bridge
  • Fixed: link for Slackware ARM
  • Fixed: link for Parsidora
  • Fixed: link for Viperr
  • Fixed: link for Chakra
  • Fixed: link for Berry
  • Fixed: link for Gobunto (thanks to Zitrax)
  • Fixed: link for Keysoft (thanks to z1tr0t3c)
  • Fixed: start date for Android-x86
  • Fixed: start date for Rockstor (thanks to Mirko Arena)
  • Fixed: typo in gldt.csv (thanks to Michael McMahon)
  • Fixed: typo in (thanks to Ron Korving)

Merged text files NOTE, TODO and CHECK into

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16.12 (2016-12-25)

  • Added: Keysoft, Parted Magic, Pisi Linux, Porteus Kiosk
  • Added: Devuan, Refracta, Moode, piCorePlayer
  • Added: Xinutop, LuninuX OS/Sn0wL1nuX, Stresslinux (discontinued)
  • Added: armbian, Linux Router Project, Nanolinux
  • Added: Peach OSI, Budgie-remix
  • Added: Connector 2 Porteus -> Porteus Kiosk
  • Added: Connector 2 OpenSUSE -> Linkat
  • Added: Connector 2 Ubuntu -> Linkat
  • Added: Connector 2 OpenSUSE -> Stresslinux
  • Added: Connector 1 LEAF -> Alpine
  • Added: Connector 1 Linux From Scratch -> CRUX
  • Added: Domain for Gentoo, Arch, Android
  • Renamed: CoreOS to Container Linux
  • Renamed: Astaro to Sophos UTM
  • Discontinued: Mythbuntu, Netrunner Rolling, DoudouLinux
  • Discontinued: aLinux, Coyote
  • Blacklisted: Hadron, Igelle
  • Removed: OpenEmbedded (not a distribution)
  • Fixed: Placement for Mamona
  • Fixed: Volumio/Raspyfi start date and original name
  • Fixed: SUSE editions
  • Fixed: United Linux to SUSE-based distribution
  • Fixed: Splitted Kororaa and Korora
  • Fixed: Links for SUSE
  • Fixed: LEAF to Linux Router Project-based distribution
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16.11 (2016-11-05)

  • Added: Clear Linux, SolusOS, Maui OS, Maui Linux
  • Added: Android-IA, Android-x86, Remix OS, Phoenix OS
  • Renamed: Linux Mint Debian to Linux Mint Debian Edition
  • Renamed: Maui OS to Hawaii OS
  • Renamed: 0 to 0Linux
  • Discontinued: Matriux, Macpup, Liberté, SolusOS, Mepis
  • Blacklisted: P@xtreme, Ophone
  • Changed: Link for 0Linux
  • Connectors:
  • Added: Connector 1 Clear Linux -> Solus
  • Added: Connector 2 Debian -> Netrunner
  • Added: Connector 2 Linux Mint -> Linux Mint Debian Edition
  • Added: Connector 1 Linux Mint Debian Edition -> SolusOS
  • Added: Connector 2 Netrunner -> Netrunner Rolling
  • Added: Connector 2 Netrunner -> Maui Linux
  • Added: Connector 1 OpenELEC -> LibreELEC
  • Added: Connector 1 OpenWRT -> Lede Project
  • Removed: Connector Gentoo -> ChromiumOS
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  • Added: VyOS, Sailfish OS, Apricity OS, PoliArch, Yunohost
  • Added: ChromeOS, CloudReady, NayuOS, RancherOS, Noop
  • Renamed: Mint to Linux Mint
  • Fixed: Link for Vyatta
  • Fixed: Ubuntu DesktopPack start date
  • Discontinued: Danix, Kaella, Artistix, Aquamorph, Newtoos
  • Discontinued: Poseidon, Neo Dizinha Linux, Swift, Molinux, Venenux
  • Discontinued: Tuquito, Epidemic, Estrella Roja, Tango Studio, SecUntu
  • Discontinued: Doudou, GNUguitariNUX, , Resulinux, NepaLinux
  • Discontinued: PureOS, Inquisitor, Saline OS, Liquid Lemur, Snowlinux
  • Discontinued: Polippix, Asturix, PUD, Sabily, Monomaxos, AriOS
  • Discontinued: Toorox, Papug, Gentoox, OPhone, Openfiler
  • Discontinued: Phinx, Granular, Tinyme, SAM
  • Blacklisted: Dax OS, Maryan, Zenix OS, Conducit, Joatha, LDR, srvRX Live
  • Blacklisted: AnikOS, Firefly
  • Thanks to: @konimex
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  • Added: Untangle, OpenMandriva Lx, Tanglu, Ubuntu DesktopPack, Voyager
  • Added: Runtu, Endian, Rescatux, Lakka, LibreELEC, LEDE-Project
  • Added: Sonar, Netrunner Rolling, EasyNAS, GeckoLinux, KDE Neon
  • Fixed: Link for Parabola
  • Fixed: Position for SuliX
  • Fixed: Position for PC/OS (to Xubuntu)
  • Fixed: Position for Runtu (to Xubuntu)
  • Fixed: Position for LXLE (to Lubuntu)
  • Fixed: Position for Netrunner (to Kubuntu)
  • Fixed: LibreELEC to OpenELEC-based distribution
  • Fixed: Simplicity to Puppy-based distribution
  • Fixed: AryaLinux to LFS-based distribution
  • Fixed: Qube OS to Fedora-based distribution
  • Fixed: Ututo to Gentoo-based distribution
  • Fixed: Engarde to Red Hat-based distribution
  • Fixed: Rip to Slackware-based distribution
  • Discontinued: KahelOS, LDR, CTKARch, Aurora OS, EasyPeasy, Symphony OS
  • Discontinued: Element, Fluxbuntu, GnackTrack, Ubuntu Rescue Remix
  • Discontinued: Comfusion, U-Lite, Dream Studio, MoonOS, OpenGeu, Kiwi Linux
  • Discontinued: Ark Linux, 2XOS, 64 Studio, Satanic Edition, Qimo 4 Kids
  • Discontinued: ASLinux, Gibraltar, VLOS, AnikOS, p@xtreme, Ututo, Wolvix
  • Discontinued: Dragora, RIP, Mamona, Yoper Linux, Engarde
  • Thanks to: @FabioLolix
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  • Added: NethServer, PrimTux, UberStudent, HandyLinux, Baruwa, Rockstor
  • Added: Parrot, Point, Sparky, PC/OS
  • Discontinued: Yellow Dog
  • Connector: Ubuntu -> PC/OS
  • Fixed: Link for Manjaro (Thanks to Linuxing155)
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  • Added: ChaletOS, ExTiX, Univention, AryaLinux, Rebellin, Slackel
  • Added: RoboLinux, Plamo, SELKS, TurnKey
  • Added: Connector 2 from Debian to Pardus
  • Readded: JOPUX
  • Discontinued: Pear OS, Nova, Commodore OS, MeeGo, OS2005
  • Fixed: Nova to Enoch-based distribution
  • Fixed: Pardus to Enoch-based distribution
  • Changed: ThinClientOS -> 2XOS
  • Changed: Repo from GitLab back to GitHub
  • Changed: Link for Pear OS