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Linux Distribution Timeline | README

  • Copyright (C) 2010-2012 Andreas Lundqvist, Donjan Rodic, Mohammed A. Mustafa
  • Copyright (C) 2016 Konimex
  • Copyright (C) 2016-2019 Fabio Loli

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

Original source:

Current source:




If you want to build your own version, make sure you have gnuclad installed.

To install gnuclad, you can download the source at

For Arch users, use the AUR:

After you have installed gnuclad, to build just the svg, run:

gnuclad gldt.csv SVG gldt.conf

You can run the script to build the svg, png, and the tarball containing the source, Inkscape is required to convert from svg to png.

Distribution to check

This section is used to track aging distributions as per guidelines in CONTRIBUTING.

If anything on this list is past their expiration date as defined in CONTRIBUTING, you may delete them from this list, and discontinue their distro as per the guidelines.


Distro Latest release version
Lunar Linux 2014-10-11 1.7.0


Distro Latest release version
ChaletOS 2016-07-12 16.04.2
Point Linux 2016-06-21 3.2 agni
Simplicity 2016-07-31 16.07 discontinued
Viperr 2016-08-15 0.9 (Fedora 24) Viperr10 alpha1 2017-09-28
Sonar 2016-11-02 17.01-alpha discontinued


Distro Latest release version
Tanglu 2017-06-11 4.0


Distro Latest release version
MorpheusArchLinux 2018-10-27 2018.4
NayuOS 2018-08-24 r68

Waiting lists

Pending new release or more info
Bliss OS
io GNU/Linux
Anarchy Linux Arch
Fatdog 64
Feren OS Linux Mint
Linux Kodachi
Pearl Linux
Subgraph OS
Enso OS development Ubuntu
VeltOS development Arch
Alpha or early stage
Adélie Linux development vaguely related to Alpine Linux, use APK package manager
Archphile development Arch Linux ARM (embedded)
CLIP OS development Gentoo hardened
CoreELEC development LibreELEC
Crankshaft development Raspbian? (embedded)
/e/ development Android
Liri development Arch
LudOS development LibreELEC
Maemo Leste development Devuan (embedded)
postmarketOS development Alpine (embedded)
Waiting list
Ataraxia Linux development independent, use its own fork of "pkgutils" from CRUX
batocera.linux development Recalbox
CAE Linux pinguybuilder Xubuntu
Condres OS development Arch
CopperheadOS development Android
EasyOS Puppy/Quirky?
ExTix refracta
Flatcar Linux development Container Linux
Gentoo Studio development Gentoo
MagpieOS development Arch
paranoidandroid Android
Phoenix Android/Android-x86
PrimeOS Android-x86
Reborn OS development Arch
Recalbox development
Replicant Android
Resurrection Remix OS Android
RetroPie development
RetrOrangePi development
More information needed
0Linux when has stopped precisely?
Bridge when has stopped precisely?
Sonar GNU/Linux when has stopped precisely?
Simplicity when has stopped precisely?
Tanglu when has stopped precisely?

Distribution list


Independent French Linux distribution built from scratch. Discontinued (website disappeared before the usual 3 after the last release) ArchiveOS Distrowatch Tuxfamily


Discontinued, Debian based thin client Distrowatch


Discontinued, Debian based for multimedia ArchiveOS Distrowatch


Discontinued ArchiveOS Distrowatch


BBQLinux is based on Arch Linux and is fully compatible with it, an additional repository for specific softwares and branding is included. Main edition comes with Cinnamon desktop, other editions are available with Mate, Xfce, Gnome, Plasma desktops respectively. Daniel 'Codeworkx' created BBQLinux mainly for Android developers who are working on custom roms like LineageOS (former CyanogenMod), OmniROM, etc.. and don't want to put a lot of time into the system to get it running properly. Tools for Android developers are preinstalled but the system is generally easy to use.

BBQLinux is released about every half year or when something important happen on Arch Linux. First release was on 4 Nov 2012 with number 2012.11.04 Latest release is 2017.11.11

BBQLinux 2018.05.20
Based on Arch Linux
Architecture x86_64
Category Desktop, live medium, development
Desktop Cinnamon, Mate, Xfce, Gnome, Plasma
Packages pkg.tar.xz
Package management pacman, packagekit
Release model Rolling
Init Systemd
Country Germany
Language English
Homepage Sourceforge Download
Development Support
Forum IRC


Discontinued Distrowatch Wikipedia

Other embedded distributions
emteria.OS Commercial industrial Android, formerly know as RTAndroid
MikroTik RouterOS RouterBOARD operative system, commercial for other platfroms
Plex Media Player for Embedded Plattform Minimal Linux OS based on LibreELEC to provide an appliance-like Plex Media Player
Roon OS/ROCK Custom Linux system tailored for running Roon Server, especially for Intel NUCs
Turris OS code Fork of OpenWrt by cz.nic used in Turris routers
Other discontinued distributions
Accelerated KNOPPIX ArchiveOS
Achoo! ArchiveOS
Adamantix Distrowatch
ADIOS Linux Boot CD Distrowatch
AdminsParadise ArchiveOS
Aleader Distrowatch
Alinex ArchiveOS Distrowatch
aLinux ArchiveOS Distrowatch
AliXe ArchiveOS Distrowatch
alphaOS ArchiveOS
Amarok Live Distrowatch
AMA Desktop ArchiveOS
AmigoLinux ArchiveOS
Ankur Bangla ArchiveOS Distrowatch
ANTEMIUM Linux ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Antomic GNU/Linux Distrowatch
Anubis-Linux ArchiveOS
Arabbix ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Ares Desktop Distrowatch
ArcheOS ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Arudius ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Athene Operating System Distrowatch
AtlasX ArchiveOS
Atomix Distrowatch
Augustux Distrowatch
Baltix ArchiveOS
BasicLinux ArchiveOS
BeakOS Distrowatch
BearOps Desktop Linux OS Distrowatch
BeatrIX Linux ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Bee Linux Distrowatch
BEERnix Distrowatch
Beini ArchiveOS
Bella OS ArchiveOS Distrowatch
BHLD ArchiveOS
Biadix Distrowatch
Big Linux ArchiveOS
BinToo GNU/Linux Distrowatch
BioBrew Linux Distribution Distrowatch
BioKnoppix ArchiveOS Distrowatch
BlackBuntu ArchiveOS
BlackRoute ArchiveOS
Blin Linux Distrowatch
B-linux ArchiveOS
Blue Linux Distrowatch
BlueEyedOS ArchiveOS
Bonzai Linux ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Boot-Repair-Disk ArchiveOS
Boten GNU/Linux Distrowatch
BRLix Distrowatch
BrlSpeak ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Bubuntu ArchiveOS
Buffalo Linux Distrowatch
Build Your Own (BYO) Linux Distrowatch
BugnuX ArchiveOS
Bugtraq ArchiveOS
ByzantineOS ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Byzantium ArchiveOS
CAELinux ArchiveOS
Caos Linux Distrowatch
Càtix ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Catux-USB ArchiveOS
CCux Linux Distrowatch
CDlinux ArchiveOS Distrowatch
CensorNet Distrowatch
ChemPup ArchiveOS
Chinese 2000 Linux Distrowatch
Chinese Linux Extension Distrowatch
Clusterix ArchiveOS Distrowatch
clusterKNOPPIX ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Cobind Desktop Distrowatch
College Linux Distrowatch
Condorux Distrowatch
Cool Linux CD ArchiveOS Distrowatch
Core GNU/Linux Distrowatch
CPUBuilders Linux Distrowatch
Cyborg Hawk ArchiveOS
gNOX ArchiveOS
Jaguar Audio RTOS
Keysoft Distrowatch
KibZilla ArchiveOS
KnoMAX ArchiveOS
knopILS ArchiveOS
Knoppel ArchiveOS
knoppixGRASSit ArchiveOS
KnoppiXMAME ArchiveOS
Knoppix MiB ArchiveOS
Knoppix-OpenVZ ArchiveOS
Knorpora ArchiveOS
Nanolinux Distrowatch
Revenge OS/ OBRevenge OS ArchiveOS Distrowatch
RemixOS ArchiveOS Distrowatch Wikipedia
Sentnix ArchiveOS
Projects which are not a Linux distribution
Barebox Bootloader designed for embedded systems. It runs on a variety of architectures including x86, ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and others
OpenEmbedded Software framework for creating embedded Linux distributions
PTXdist Build system for firmware images, the collection of recipes is based on GNU Make and Bash
rauc Lightweight update client that runs on your embedded Linux
Yocto Project Complete embedded Linux development environment

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