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This is the page for Frequently Asked Questions. Please note this page may not contain all questions present on the #FAQ channel on LewdBot's guild.

How do I set up music?

A: Check out this youtube video. (Also read three questions below if you have any issues with music).

Why won't the bot reply?

A: First, make sure you are using the right prefix, by default, the right prefix is @LewdBot, you can change it with @LewdBot prefix ! (to change it to ! for example). Second, check if she has perms to speak and read messages on the channel you are using the commands in and third, make sure she's online (Sometimes a shard dies and can't recover, making her appear offline for some servers), in this case, please poke me.

Why does the music lag/shutter/skips sometimes/when starting?

A: Most of the times, this happens because there is too many people using the bot, and my small vps can't handle it, I'm working on getting a new one, but for that I need money (If you want to contribute, you can donate with Paypal or monthly with Patreon).

Why won't music commands work?

A: First, make sure the Module is enabled (@LewdBot modules Music), then, make sure you are using the right command (It's lm not im).

What is the prefix?

A: It's @LewdBot (Yes, tag the bot).

How can I change the prefix?

A: Try the prefix command.

What is a prefix?

A: It's a decent name for a trigger.

Where is the bot link? How do I add the bot?


Is there a way I can support you?

A: Yes, and now with even more ways!

Monthly via Patreon:
One-Timer with Paypal:
or BitCoin: 1LgWTH7FVd9KG4jQ3Mq8nFQjFbNby8ZSXB
or even Ethereum: 0x1838E3d7Eaa594324acFC14e90b86a67F91e1482

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