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  • 这个Demo里面的SDK是对官网在线Api接口的封装,需要联网使用.官网接口文档地址: https://console.faceplusplus.com.cn/documents/4888373

  • 如何运行Demo:

  • 如何集成到自己的项目

    • FCPPSDKAFNetworking这个文件夹拖入到自己的项目即可
    • 配置FCPPConfig.h文件,方法同上面第三步.
  • 如果有问题,请加入QQ群418490173咨询技术支持

English Document

  • The SDK in the Demo is a package of online api which need to use the network. The api document: https://console.faceplusplus.com/documents/5679127

  • How to run the Demo ?

  • To integrate SDK into your iOS project

    • Drag FaceppSDK and AFNetworking into project's file folder.
    • Config the file FCPPConfig.h just like the third step above.
  • If have any problem please contact us by sending email to support-mc@megvii.com