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amiibo™ parsing library


libamiibo expects a binary dump. It will not work with XMLs or hexadecimal text files. See the unix program xxd to convert from hexadecimal to binary.

It offers support for encryption/decryption, figurine data, amiibo settings and AppData.

To parse a tag directly from a binary (encrypted) dump, use LibAmiibo.Data.AmiiboTag.FromNtagData().

When using an encrypted binary, the AmiiboSettings and AppData information will not contain any valid information.


  • Decrypting a NTAG215 dump "mario.bin" with the "retail.bin" keys: Configure the paths for AmiiboKeys and CDNKeys in libamiibo.dll.config to direct to your key files.
byte[] encryptedNtagData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("mario.bin");
LibAmiibo.Data.AmiiboTag amiiboTag = LibAmiibo.Data.AmiiboTag.DecryptWithKeys(encryptedNtagData);
  • Parsing a NTAG215 dump "mario.bin" only for the non-encrypted information:
byte[] encryptedNtagData = System.IO.File.ReadAllBytes("mario.bin");
LibAmiibo.Data.AmiiboTag amiiboTag = LibAmiibo.Data.AmiiboTag.FromNtagData(encryptedNtagData);


The library is split into two parts: libamiibo and libamiibo.images

You can use both independently:

  • To only use the parsing logic, it's enough to include the small libamiibo.dll and it's dependency BouncyCastle.Crypto.dll in your project and reference libamiibo.dll
  • To also include images for the amiibos (using amiiboTag.Amiibo.AmiiboImage), you need also include libamiibo.images.dll in your project. You don't need to reference it, just make sure the dll is copied

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