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Falcons Code Repository

This repository contains the code for the Falcons MSL Robocup Platform.

It contains:

  • source files e.g. .cpp
  • include files e.g. .hpp
  • build files e.g. Makefiles
  • configuration files e.g. .yaml
  • scripts e.g. for startUp


Sorry we like to keep things open, but to keep the high performance some basic rules are needed.
Do not add generated files to the repository
Do not add large files to the repository (e.g. .png, .avi)
Pushing a repository with files larger than 256kByte will be blocked!
Use other repositories (teamplayData, data, matchLogs, etc.) where applicable

Coding Styles

For both filenames and directories use lower camelCase e.g. myFirstRobot

Configuration files

For readability .yaml files are preferred above .xml

Minimize merge issues

To minimize merge issues (and to make commits understandable) use multiple small commits rather than one large commit

Commit comments

To browse through the logging, use one liners starting with the subject followed by the functional change


When using tags please start with your 4 char abbreviation


Add often used commands to your .gitconfig file

  • coa = commit -a -m
  • foo = commit -a -m 'none'
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