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BattleKits Logo BattleKits

BattleKits is a shiny new kit plugin for PocketMine. It is essential to any KitPvP server.


  • Awesome PvP experience
  • Fully configurable kits including setting individual inventory slots and custom commands
  • Supports multiple world (why not?)
  • Comes with out of the box compatibility with EconomyS and PocketMoney
  • Allows for custom economy APIs
  • Create signs for players to get kits

Kit signs

Battlekits allows creating signs for easy kit rewards. To create a kit sign just make the first line [BattleKits] and the second line the kit name. When the sign is created you will recieve a message if it was successful. In order to create signs you need battlekits.sign.create and to use signs you need battlekits.sign.use.

Sign example


  • This plugin was inspired by BattleKits for bukkit and I would like to thank all the devlopers there for making such a great plugin.
  • For fault of a better I have used the BattleKits for Bukkit logo. This is not my property and is licensed under GPLv3 (I think).
  • Finally I would like to thank @ZenCloud for requesting the plugin in the first place and helping guide the project.