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examples Update copywrite Feb 4, 2015
guides Merge pull request #653 from kxprim/patch-1 May 22, 2015
src Fix @return value typo in comments Apr 26, 2015
.editorconfig [cleanup] no more grunt in .editorconfig Mar 12, 2015
.eslintrc Update Deps Mar 13, 2015
.gitattributes Normalize all the line endings Dec 16, 2014
.gitignore Remove .idea from .gitignore Jan 20, 2015
.jscsrc Fixed metadata files Jul 28, 2014
.travis.yml Update emails in travis.yml Aug 11, 2014
LICENSE Update copywrite Feb 4, 2015 Update May 22, 2015
bower.json v0.3.5 Feb 4, 2015
package.json Update Deps Mar 13, 2015

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