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Fancy Pixel

We design and build digital products


👋 Hi there!

We are Fancy Pixel, Your Research & Development team. Working side by side our clients, we design and build hardware and software solutions taylored on their needs.

Our company is driven by young, dynamic and multidisciplinary team. With our experience we can support you through the design, development and deployment of your products.

Our skills

📲 Native iOS and Android apps

We develop native iOS and Android apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearables. We strive to give the user the best possible experience by focusing on both usability, design, and attention to details. We use the most recent technologies and also develop the backend infrastructure required to build complex and innovative systems.

🖥 Cloud services

We manage any kind of data in the cloud, easily accessible from everywhere in real-time, securely. We can store your data for basic logging or for more complex data analysis that allows you to extrapolate new useful information. Our software architectures are based on state of the art technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

⚙️ Internet of Things

Since the introduction of the Internet of Things we’ve been hard at work to find new technologies and software architectures to be applied in R&D projects, that’s why we can guide you to create innovative IoT projects that take full advantage from the data collected from the field.

🎨 Graphic & Web Design

Our continuous research and focus on design allow us to offer the best possible user experience for our customers. We always use the most recent design patterns from the earliest planning stages of a project to ensure that the product’s UI is both user-friendly and accessible.

📨 Contact us!

Let’s do something great together. You can hire us, share your ideas or just get in touch.


  1. gulps Public archive

    Gulps is an open source app for iOS and Apple Watch that lets you keep track of your daily water consumption.

    Swift 1.1k 238

  2. moby Public

    A sample app to test out AHAP (Apple Haptic and Audio Pattern) files

    Swift 125 8


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