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A tool for generating animated magic square SVGs.
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Draw the magic line of magic squares

Uses SVG to draw the magic line traced by joining the integers of a magic square of order n in a sequence from 0-(n^2)-1.

  • accepts a string of numbers only if separated by single spaces (not double)
  • accepts magic square strings where the lowest integer is either 0 or 1

TODO: magic square checking

Use code from the magic square checker for the following:

  • remove non-numeric characters
  • remove returns, line feeds
  • remove duplicate spaces
  • fix errors caused by strings without a single space separating numbers
  • use Frénicle's rules to normalise each square (see below)
  • finish adding and checking pandiagonal order 5 set
  • if contains '0' => x + 1)

Frénicle established two simple rules to determine the standard position or order 4 squares, which can be used for any order:

  • rotate the square until the smallest number in any corner is top left
  • the second number in the top row must be lower than the first number in the second row

TODO: interface

  • swap between multi and single square
  • set padding between squares
  • set size of squares
  • set SVG fill in JavaScript
  • user input for fill colour
  • user input for line colour
  • when numbers selected disable animate and stroke
  • hide settings for printing
  • printing stylesheet (order-4)
  • fix padding trigger
  • number squares fix mobile
  • fix color swapping issues (fill transparency)
  • swap coordsArray x y
  • merge js files into one
  • set size of squares
  • write library of helper function for hardcoding
  • hardcode lengths
  • redesign menu
  • hide settings after drawing
  • filters
  • use new index4new
  • filters page broken (populateOptions) (use new index only)
  • error message / disable numbers in filterGroups
  • give option of inputting numbers of squares
  • single input animations broken/disabled
  • add day/night mode
  • fix slowness of load due to massive index file
  • add about/info page
  • broken filter for order >= 7
  • fix print styles for all orders
  • check animation for >= order 7
  • give choice of print sizes
  • set fill-opacity/stroke-opacity="0.0" - "1.0"
  • loop through colour change
  • progress bar (loading) for animate
  • clean up unused stuff
  • refactor for node ?
  • not super happy with print styles
  • check mobile styles (reduce margins)
  • add settings to localstorage




22x40 order-4s will produce an even block.

Fania Raczinski and Dave Everitt

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