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All users should update to this great new version of FGC.

Bug Fixes:
Masternode Payment Enforcement
Keypool size
Wallet Balance Issues
Network Alert Issues
Tx.vout was not incrementing, it is now.
all in preparation for upcoming staking!

Upcoming release:
1.2.5 - The Hierarchical Deterministic Key Generation (HD Wallet mnemonic phrase key generation)
this can be tested in the 'HDWALLET' branch, but only on testnet right now,

Newest Release - All users must update if you are using 1.0.1
The block reward is 90% to masternodes and 10% to miners.

Fantasy Gold Core Release Announcement
We are happy to announce the release of Fantasy Gold Core . This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded above.

About this Release
FantasyGold Core v 01.2.4. is the first production release of fantasy gold core.

This is for the users. Thanks to the Fantasy Gold and Draft Daily Users who have made this possible. The Fantasy Gold team would not have been able to do this without you!

Play Fantasy Sports with FGC at https://www.draftdaily.com
Compete in Esports tournaments with FGC Prizes at https://www.fgcarena.com
Join us in discord at:

How to build: https://github.com/FantasyGold/FantasyGold-Core/blob/master/doc/build-unix.md