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XML-RPC Server App for the Django framework

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Django XML-RPC

Django_xmlrpc offers a means by which a Django developer can expose their views (or indeed any other function) using XML-RPC.

This is a fork of the version hosted at : compatible with Django >= 1.4 and Python >= 2.5.

If you want to use django_xmlrpc for an older version of Django or Python, please use an old release.



You could retrieve the last sources from and run the installation script

$> python install

or use pip

$> pip install -e git://


Register django_xmlrpc in your INSTALLED_APPS section of your project' settings.

Then register methods you want to handle like this in your project' settings.

>>> XMLRPC_METHODS = (('', 'Method name'),
...                   ('', 'Other Method name'),)

Finally we need to register the url of the XML-RPC server. Insert something like this in your project's

>>> url(r'^xmlrpc/$', 'django_xmlrpc.views.handle_xmlrpc', name='xmlrpc'),
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