Code sample from the book "Enterprise Web Development"
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You have to have git installed. Follow the instruction from Github manual to setup git on your machine.

How to download and try code samples

  1. Create a folder on your local drive, e.g. EnterpriseWebBook_sources and open your command window in that directory.

  2. Clone the git repository using the following command

    git clone .
  3. Start Aptana Studio IDE and selected project (e.g. project-15-dynamic-content-modules) as described in Chapter 2.

For Java developers: how to package the project into the war file for deployment

./gradlew clean war


gradlew.bat clean war

to package all projects.

How to deploy and run

Drop the war file from the <project_name>/build/lib folder to the webapps folder (Tomcat), autodeploy (Glassfish) et al.