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Add children props to Send component #487

merged 1 commit into from Aug 28, 2017


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@sf27 sf27 commented Jun 21, 2017

With this fix, you can set an image as a sender button or anything you want to.

renderSend(props) {
        return (
                <View style={{marginRight: 10, marginBottom: 5}}>
                    <Image source={require('../../assets/send.png')} resizeMode={'center'}/>

@cooperka cooperka force-pushed the master branch 5 times, most recently from 092db6b to 730bab3 Compare Jul 16, 2017
@cooperka cooperka merged commit 6be3db1 into FaridSafi:master Aug 28, 2017
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Thank you @sf27. FYI I couldn't push to your branch, so I added an extra commit manually: b669f3b.

sondremare pushed a commit to EdtechFoundry/react-native-gifted-messenger that referenced this pull request Oct 23, 2017
* [Request] Add prop for tintColor for ActionSheet in Actions FaridSafi#185

Add prop optionTintColor for ActionSheet options text

* Update default optionTintColor to native color

* Initial support tick messages

* The message sent and delivered props have been removed from GiftedChat and are now read from the message state

* Added possibility to override the behaviour of renderTicks, deleted nested function in renderTicks

* Updated example and ticks on the right the time and ticks only appear for the sent messages

* renderTick: Move the constant declaration to the top of the function

* Expose GiftedAvatar

* renderTick: Possibility to change style of the ticks passing the parameter tickStyle to GiftedChat

* Change the new messages' ids

Now are UUIDs generated with `node-uuid` and is possible to change this
behavior using `messageIdGenerator` prop.

* fixed chat height bug

* Refactor utils into stand-alone functions

* Improve readability of utils

* Keep improving readability of utils

* Add utils to root exports

* Add prop onInputTextChanged on GiftedChat API and help fix FaridSafi#286

* Maintain backward compatibility with deprecation warning

* Add eslint script (extends airbnb + react + react-native)

Currently 506 errors, 7 warnings :D

* Upgrade to eslint config v0.2.3

Removed a few unnecessarily strict rules, so we're
down to 486 errors now.

* Add react-native-lightbox for enlarging chat images

* Add navigator to propTypes

* Use a commit hash to fix Lightbox warning [Android]

Currently the fix is unpublished.

* Remove touch events and external keyboard dependency

* Bump RN version

* Remove commented code

* Downgrade RN version

* Enabling access to Library

Example crashes when you want to choose an image via „choose from
library“ . Fixed that.  Example should work with this edit like

* Remove dependency from package.json

* Update property

Deprecated property true for keyboardShouldPersistTaps

* Update property for Gifted Chat

Deprecated property true for keyboardShouldPersistTaps

* Add 'onPressActionButton' prop

* Add 'imageProps' prop, passed through to <Image>

* Use 'lightboxProps' instead of just 'navigator'

* config ListView props support

* fix warning for Avatar

Warning: Failed prop type: Invalid prop `left` of type `object` supplied to `Avatar`, expected `number`.
Bad object: {
  "left": {
    "borderWidth": 1,
    "borderColor": "#236CC3"

* avoid listViewProps to override render methd and datasources

* Add listViewPoprs description to README

* add listViewProps to default props and propTypes

* Downgrade RN version to original

* Update prop validation for keyboardShouldPersistTaps

* Update Readme

* Update RN version to 0.40

* readme for 0.1.0

* bump npm versions

* Improve send message performance

* add missing props to inner message components

* v0.1.0

* fix for npm dependency

* node-uuid -> uuid

* v0.1.1

* Create GiftedChatInteractionManager.js

* Update GiftedChat.js

* v0.1.2

* v0.1.3

* render avatar on top

* Remove duplicated enableEmptySections

* If the keyboard has been dismissed and the user sends a message, the text input tool bar can be rendered incorrectly due to the bottom offset

* Allow minimum input tool bar height to be configurable in properties

* Update Bubble.js

* Export MessageContainer in GiftedChat

* fix for _messageContainerRef === null

* Bubble.js: Default value for prop bottomContainerStyle

* Applying fixes per comments

* rename @exponent to @expo

* v0.1.4

* image source add number type

* formatting

* Bump react-native-communications version to 2.2.1

* Support for orientation changes.

Turned on onLayout handler for all platforms.

Android only: on-screen keyboard resized main container and has own height.
So for calculate the messages container height need ignore keyboard height.

* Fix messagesContainerHeight resetting on orientation change

By using the same formula for messagesContainerHeight
in onMainViewLayout as everywhere else.

* Factor out repeated math into getBasicMessagesContainerHeight()

* Factor out repeated math into getMessagesContainerHeightWithKeyboard()

* Add onPressAvatar prop

* Pass currentMessage to onLongPress callback

* Add maxLength parameter for Composer input

* fix-extra spacing shown when avatar is not rendered

* fix isSameDay function

* Update @expo/react-native-action-sheet

* incorporate review and documentation

* incorporate review

* Fix default rendering of avatars (FaridSafi#479)

* Default renderAvatar to undefined so that it renders by default

Fixes bug introduced in FaridSafi#447

* Ignore .idea for IntelliJ

* Commit yarn.lock files

No changes to dependencies

* Remove `runAfterInteractions` during init (FaridSafi#380)

Fixes FaridSafi#377.
Fixes FaridSafi#228.

* 0.1.5

* Upgrade all dependencies to latest

And RN v0.45 on the example app

* [Example] Remove extraneous files when installing

They get copied by Yarn, or libraries that publish their babel configs

* Temporarily fork shallowequal to get rid of babel config


* Upgrade shallowequal now that PR is merged

* Change deprecated View.propTypes to ViewPropTypes (FaridSafi#478)

* [Example] Migrate to react-native-maps (MapView was deprecated)

* [Example] Temporarily fork react-native-nav to update ViewPropTypes


* Temporarily fork RN-action-sheet for deprecated React.PropTypes


* Update README with new RN dependency requirements

* Clean up README

* 0.2.0

* [Example] Run react-native upgrade for RN v0.45

* [Example] Add back RCTCameraRoll.xcodeproj for camera roll picker

* Replace deprecated `onChange` with `onContentSizeChange` (FaridSafi#500)

* Migrate from deprecated React.PropTypes to prop-types (FaridSafi#508)

* Commit new prop-types dependency in yarn.lock

* Fix URLs that get linkified but are missing a scheme (FaridSafi#506)

* Add code comment and error logging for MessageText.onUrlPress

* Clarify Android installation steps for CRNA/Expo (FaridSafi#482)

Explain that no native project changes are required in Create React Native App or Expo

* Fix janky fullscreen Lightbox images by using flex: 1 (FaridSafi#467)

Setting image to full width/height makes animation returning image to previous spot look extremely awkward. flex: 1 allows image to resize between thumbnail and fullscreen as was intended with lightbox.

* Add `timeFormat` prop (FaridSafi#273)

* Added property for time format

* Added property to readme

* Add `dateFormat` prop

* Add .watchmanconfig and README notes for local development

* [Example] Upgrade to RN v0.46 to verify compatibility

* 0.2.1

* Add some README badges

* 0.2.2

* Remove dead code introduced by FaridSafi#467 (FaridSafi#509)

* Add 'showUserAvatar' prop; don't render null avatars (FaridSafi#511)

* fix(Avatar): display user chat message avatar

- check if current message user has an avatar to display
- don't base the logic of the display of the avatar on the user object id

Issue: FaridSafi#495
Issue URL: FaridSafi#495

* Only return null if avatar is set to null (otherwise render initials)

* Add 'showUserAvatar' prop, default to false

* Rearrange existing propTypes to match the README

* Add missing props to GiftedChat root component

* 0.2.3

* Accept a 'text' prop to override the internal state (e.g. redux)

* Add Redux notes to the README

* 0.2.4

* Use both onChange and onContentSizeChange to support Android RN <0.46

* 0.2.5

* Fix call/text onPhonePress actions ordering (FaridSafi#521)

* Fix email sending recipient array (FaridSafi#522)

* Fix minor typo in README (FaridSafi#517)

* Fix `Linking.canOpenURL` usage (FaridSafi#516)

* Add children props to Send component (FaridSafi#487)

* Simplify logic for Send component children

* 0.2.6

* Add imperative focusTextInput() method

* 0.2.7

* Add `parsePatterns` prop for custom message links (FaridSafi#551)

* Add a more generic function prop `parsePatterns`

* Clean up README

* [Example] Don't remove extraneous git dir

Just in case someone is mistakenly trying to use symlinks with RN.

* [Example] Update path to scripts/ for RN v0.46

* Use better doc link for onLongPress (FaridSafi#573)

* Fixed doc link for long press

* Hard-code date for code link

* rm test command

* clean up

* fix: use newer version of parsed-text which has fixed propTypes

* fix: use newer version of lightbox which has fixed propTypes

* fix: use newer invertible-scroll-view that has fixed propTypes for react 16

* fix: do not account for keyboard here, as we have our own component in differ which does that

* reimplement inputToolbar ref

* reimplement listview ref

* add proptype for renderSuggestions
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ryskiz commented Nov 4, 2017

For some reason @cooperka , I'm getting an error saying that the send component is undefined. I'm not sending a bound function.

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mafiusu commented Nov 13, 2017

@ryskiz you have to import Send from 'react-native-gifted-chat like this code-line.
import { GiftedChat, Actions, SystemMessage, Send } from 'react-native-gifted-chat';

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How to center the image. Does image needs be given dimensions?

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skizzo commented Feb 19, 2019

Similar to @pavanmehta91 's question, I'd like to know how I can stretch my custom component to all of the input's height. Is that somehow possible?

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@skizzo @pavanmehta91 this is how I've done it.

renderSend={(props) => (
              height: 60,
              width: 60,
              justifyContent: 'center',
              alignItems: 'center',
                width: 40,
                height: 40,

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I resolved vertical center issue like this:

  renderSend = (props) => {
    return (
        <SendIcon width={22.7} height={22.38} />


  sendContainer: {
    justifyContent: 'center',
    alignItems: 'center',
    alignSelf: 'center',
    marginRight: 15,

Don't forget to import Send
import { GiftedChat, Send } from 'react-native-gifted-chat';

In my case SendIcon is svg, so you can use your custom styling inside Send component.

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AMoktar commented Jan 29, 2021

@latovicalmin is SendIcon part of 'react'native'gifted-chat' ?

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chinyart commented Feb 9, 2021

@latovicalmin is SendIcon part of 'react'native'gifted-chat' ?


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iway1 commented Jul 21, 2021

Just remember to set alwaysShowSend={true} if you want the send button to always be present! this confused me for a few minutes.

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FaisalKhawaj commented Aug 29, 2021

 I can't send message when I click on my button image:
 Here is the code
                    placeholder="Type any text here"
                    onSend={messages => onSend(messages)}
                        _id: 1,
                    renderSend={props => {
                        return (
                            <Send {...props}>
                                <TouchableOpacity onPress={(messages) => onSend(messages)} style={styles.sendBtn}>
                                    <Image style={{ width: 25, height: 25 }} resizeMode="contain" source={require('../../assets/images/send.png')} />

renderBubble={props => {
return (

                                    right: {
                                        padding: 10,
                                        color: '#000',

                                    left: {

                                        color: '#ffff',
                                        padding: 10,

                                    left: styles.leftTextView,
                                    right: styles.rightTextView,


                    renderComposer={(props) => {
                        const { text, messageIdGenerator, user, onSend } = props

                        return (
                            <View style={{
                                backgroundColor: '#FFFF',
                                flexDirection: 'row',
                                flex: 1,
                                // width: wp('90%'),
                                alignItems: "center",

                                        marginHorizontal: 2

                                    <Icon name="mic-outline" size={20} color={greenText} />

                                    <FontAwesome name="image" size={20} color={greenText} />
                                <View style={{
                                    borderColor: LightGreyColor,
                                    backgroundColor: LightGreyColor,
                                    borderWidth: 1,
                                    width: wp('70%'),
                                    margin: 2,
                                    borderRadius: 25, flexDirection: 'row'

                                    <Composer {...props} />

                                        // }}
                                        style={{ alignSelf: 'center', marginLeft: 10 }}>
                                        <Icon name="happy-outline" size={30}
                                                alignSelf: "center",
                                                marginRight: 5
                                            }} />
                                    {/* {
                                        text == '' ? (<>

                                        ) : (
                                                    marginHorizontal: '4%',
                                                    alignSelf: 'center'
                                                <Icon name="send" size={30} color="#007AFF" />
                                    } */}


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