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This is a multi-module umbrella project for Jackson standard text-format dataformat backends.

Dataformat backends are used to support format alternatives to JSON, using general-purpose Jackson API. Formats included allow access using all 3 API styles (streaming, databinding, tree model).

For Jackson 2.x this is done by sub-classing Jackson core abstractions of:

  • All backends sub-class JsonFactory, which is factory for:
    • JsonParser for reading data (decoding data encoding in supported format)
    • JsonGenerator for writing data (encoding data using supported format)
  • Some backends sub-class ObjectMapper for additional support for databinding

there will be some changes (such as introduction of format-specific ObjectMapper sub-classes) in Jackson 3.0.


master branch is for developing the next major Jackson version -- 3.0 -- but there are active maintenance branches in which much of development happens:

  • 2.14 is for developing the next minor 2.x version
  • 2.13/2.12 are for backported fixes for 2.13/2.12 patch versions (respectively)

Older branches are usually not changed but are available for historic reasons. All released versions have matching git tags (jackson-dataformats-text-2.9.4).

Note that since individual format modules used to live in their own repositories, older branches and tags do not exist in this repository.

Textual formats included

Currently included backends are:

Standard supported formats that are not yet included here (but are likely added in future) are:


All modules are licensed under Apache License 2.0.


Build Status

Maven dependencies

To use these format backends Maven-based projects, use following dependency:


where [FORMAT] is one of supported modules (csv, properties, toml, yaml)


See Wiki for more information (javadocs).