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Support for org.json data types, to ease migration out of code that uses them
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Project to build Jackson extension module (jar) to support datatypes of "json org" JSON library


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Module is fully usable and officially released.


Maven dependency

To use module (version 2.x) on Maven-based projects, use following dependency:


(or whatever version is most up-to-date at the moment)

Registering module

To use the the Module in Jackson, simply register it with the ObjectMapper instance:

// import com.fasterxml.jackson.datatype.jsonorg.JsonOrgModule;

ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
mapper.registerModule(new JsonOrgModule());

This will ensure that basic datatype of org.json package can be read and written using Jackson data-binding functionality.

Data conversions

After registering the module, you can read and write JSON to/from org.json.JSONObject similar to handling custom POJOs or standard JDK types:

JSONObject ob = mapper.readValue(json, JSONObject.class); // read from a source
String json = mapper.writeValue(ob); // output as String

As well as do conversion to/from POJOs:

MyValue value = mapper.convertValue(jsonObject, MyValue.class);
JSONObject jsonObject = mapper.convertValue(value, JSONObject.class);

or to/from Tree Model:

JsonNode root = mapper.valueToTree(jsonObject);
jsonObject = mapper.treeToValue(root, JSONObject.class);

Similarly, you can read/write/convert-to/convert-from JSONArray instead of JSONObject.

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