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Java client API for Google Code Jam contest
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Google Code Jam - Client API

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Java client API for Google Code Jam contest. This API is implemented with, and for JDK8 and newer (changelog).

Please check the command line application for an exemple of application.


Please note that this client is not provided by Google. Any responsability is declined if a bug occurs when you are using it in a real contest condition.

Maven dependency

Following dependency could be added to your POM.xml if you want to use the client API into your project.


The API entry point is the CodeJamSession class, which could be instantiated as following :

// Initializes required HTTPRequestExecutor.
final HttpRequestExecutor executor = HttpRequestExecutor.create(CODEJAM_HOSTNAME, SACSID_COOKIE_VALUE);
// Retrieves Round.
final Round round = ...;
// Creates session.
final CodeJamSession session = CodeJamSession.createSession(executor, round);

The session could be then used to retrieve contest information, problem description and analysis, download input file as submit solution as well. You can check the javadoc to get more informations.


Contribution are welcome, don't hesitate to submit a pull request to improve this tools, here is the list of people who contributed :

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